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Start this post by saying that before I never used to be kind to my face because I never really got bad skin, but I should really pay more attention to it. Like I do now, today I have a better skin care range. My mum has helped me a lot to keep my skin good, and encourage me to try new products. I could just continue with my coconut oil and vitamin E oil and that is it for me.

Not when you are getting older and you definitely don’t wanna look to worn out by the time you are 35. So I have added a little tool to my every day face routine. Washing routine.

This little pink tool above is great and it has made me feel completely new. I bough two packs from a brand inside TkMaxx. Not too expensive and work perfectly until I buy one of these bad boys that cost hundreds. It gives more glow and cleans the face well enough for me.

Due to the virus and everything being shut down, I have been asked to work from home until further notice. It feels like you are self employed haha, but it is harder to work from home because you can easily forget about work and continue with more self care.

I have added routines to my days, basically taking care of my skin more and make sure I wash my face properly and create a better routine. A routine that hopefully gets stuck once we all back.

I never understood the importance of having a clean, proper clean face. I never had bad skin so I never understood the need of it, until yes now. Taking care of my skin today is A must, I even started to do bath with epson salt to just wind down. I do reflexology on my feet every night, and I massage my scalp as well every night. All these extra things, has contributed to more goodness in my life. I’m happy I bought this little tool, because my face does feel clearer and softer. Although, I need a wake-up and go eye serum. Hmm, I’m interested in Ole Henriksen. Have you tried the products? If yes, let me know.
I’m using Estee Lauder at the moment, very expensive but got it as Christmas present from my mother and she also added some more bits when I was there last. My mum loves cosmetics, and she always been that way. At the same time, I’m start to be like her. I’m start to become more petty about cleaning and washing and pettyyyyyy hahahaha. Anyhow, lover her to bits.

So, go for these little bad guys above and start taking care of your skin. Need a good day cream, suggestions? For melanin skin.

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