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How are you guys holding on? I’m doing SOOO much at home. My WFH period started last week Thursday, I haven’t interacted with any other soul apart from people in the area, IF.

I have created better routine, and I sleep like a baby. No need to wake up earlier to get to work, just open my laptop and EVERYTHING is there. Imagine, we managed to get our PC’s from work straight to our personal laptops without interfering with my personal stuff. Technology is amazing.

Anyhow, food wise? How is everyone doing? I’m eating and for some reason everything at home is vegan, so I just go with that. Smoothies every day now, missed my smoothies. Even Craig said the other day, ‘Aww babes, I haven’t seen you with a smoothie in ages’. The smoothie lady. I just need to buy some more berries and bananas, I stocked up with oat milk. Yes, I don’t but toilet papers because I don’t see a point loading with toilet papers in my house? Yes, I do have a shit but if I’m isolated, bruv I have a shower. Problem solved. People do really focus on shit.

On another note, and positive one. I have been drinking my morning coffee facing the sun every morning and just adding some ground cinnamon and just praying to the sun for a good day. It is actually a witch spell (can tell you if you want the specific spell), so I’m just loving this freedom of working from home. At the moment, I’m sitting in my room and listening to some music meanwhile sending email (if there are even any) and just lighting up some palo santo. And wow, it does make you so much more zen.

The downside of working from home is that I’m craving a social activity, I need to see more people. So that is why I have been going to the gym a little bit to just stimulate my head with other visuals than my place.

And I’m going gym now, LOTS of hand sanitiser to be used.

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