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Staying indoors can make people go crazy, I have done everything I like to do and even the things I don’t like to do. I have so much energy and the coffee makes me even more energized, but only when I drink coffee at home? So strange.

What else is going on here at mines? Going gym soon again, but this time I’m just gonna work out abs and arms. Just focus on these two parts, my back is aching a little bit. Yesterday I did heavy hipthrust, deadlift, donkey kicks, lunges, squats, and some chin up and leg raises. I have been dancing every day to kick start all these endorphins in my system.

I have seen that alot of people are sharing this meme where it says I postpone my summer body to 2021. I’m like, not me? I’m getting fit. I like being fit, I’m not being fit because of summer or any season. I like to look healthy and good. I like to look at myself and say well done, I’m not waiting for next year – not even joking about it.

Since I started the gym, I have of course had periods when I don’t even put my foot in the gym for weeks. I keep active at home, but it is not the same. I love going to the gym, and gym has become a must for me. Not for only to keep fit but also to keep my mental health fit. I’m happier when I get to sleep decent hours and I’m happier when I get to exercise with a balance.
And this year, I’m pushing to have a stronger core. The focus this year is my core, and I love working out my abs and I just got a new focus.

Now, I’m closing my work load and continue tomorrow and get myself to the gym. 😀 yaaaay. More endorphins.

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