You can always change your mind.

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I guess I’m more scared to not have a regular life than the actual virus itself. I was very relaxed at first and did not really mind being outdoors, but thinking back I haven’t left my area since Thursday the 11th of March (apart from Brighton). Long.
Today I feel a bit more stimulated tho, yesterday we took the car and drove the whole way to Brighton just to see something different. And today I spent most of the day in the sun actually, met a friend and just catching up on seeing a few faces lately.

It is crazy how much this whole things has changed me, more so in a weird way. At first I was eager to have my home as tidy as I could, I think I was doing the laundry every day until this week, fed up man. I can’t be asked to be told to not go out and even if this is my typical environment – it sucks to not have the option. I’m also a bit hmm how we humans or correct me – how I’m gonna function once all of this is over? And will it be over? How long will it last? Will fear get to me? It is a very funny time, and next Friday it is Craig’s 30th. It sucks. It actually does, I booked a place and so many other things. I have been forced to cancel and now I’m trying to get my money back from a venue. People are getting silly comfortable, I’m sorry small business but I’m not gonna give my money just because you are suffering? As far I know they haven’t delivered the service I requested and pre-paid for. Funny how they trying to threat me and said: if you cancel now you are breaking the agreement on the contract? I was like but firstly, you are breaking the agreement in the contract by not delivering the service on THE 27th of March as it written on the contract I signed. So basically, they trying to make us postpone the birthday – so if we are gonna be petty. This is how petty I’m, I’m not paying or leaving my money to a small business just because THEY will struggle in the foreseeable future. I have nothing to do with that because, who wants to celebrate their birthdays later than the actual date? And it does not agree with my logical mind, why would I need to suffer and not get my money so you can pay your staff? or your rent? With money you haven’t earned? Kmt.

I’m fair and when people try to take the piss, it annoys me. It is funny, this people think that they struggle the most? I work hard for my money, I get up early, I get shit for others people’s shit at work and you think I’m not struggling? Nah, mate give back my money because Quarantine Maria has a lot of time to read the law book and make sure my money is on my bank account. I almost wanna be a cxxt and say, deliver the party on the 27th or give back the money? Postpone a 30th birthday? are you mad? Keep my money because small business are struggling? hahahaha mate deliver the bloody service and we can be cool.

Anyhow, that is how much of action there is in my life at the moment. How we are gonna celebrate this man? I have no idea. I guess I will try to convince people to download the HouseParty app.

Do not get me wrong, I support small business but there is a line that should not be crossed with me. And it is to not be fair, fair in since that you know this situation isn’t anyones choice. This is not what anyone in the world is wishing for? Most of everything I would love to go ahead, but we can’t and the most considerate thing to do is be fair and refund the money. Do not be an asshole and keep the money and go after the contract because it suits YOU and your place. No, work for you money like everybody else do. So tomorrow morning, I will be sending a long email, stating contract rules and state where they without meaning to do it – breaking an agreement.

Now, I’m gonna make a face mask with Indian Clay and coconut vinegar. I got two spots and I’m not happy about it and now I have time.


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