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Easy to become lazy during these days, but I have managed to be active and work out every time my moods go up.

I took a walk to the store, and to be honest why was there such a big stress for food? The stores are restocked and perfectly full of food. The unnecessary stress of getting food created too much drama around the world. Toilet paper? Why? All soap was still left? I mean, toilet paper will not keep you clean? The ignorance is massive, and the fact that people jump on the stupidity is worse. Me included as I was like hold on, are we dying or am I being too relaxed? What is going on? Not even the government knows, impossible to know when this will start to fade away.

So this early afternoon I took a little break and did some exercises at the carpark. The sun shines perfectly at the car park and the wind is still. Only at the car park, as soon as you leave the carpark the wind gets wild.

I did some jumping squats, lunges, half pistols, and that was it. I did not want to touch the ground with my hands.

It gets really hot there. Pleasant though, as you get to feel the heat of the sun and at the moment vitamin D is very welcomed.

What to do during quarantine? I have a little list of things you can do, sharing them so I can also remind myself to do them.

Spring clean.
Fix old clothes.
Bake that difficult cake you always wanted to.
Practice those complicated hairstyles you always dream of.
Have a sewing machine? Play with it.
Learn how to crochet.
Clean your kitchen cupboards.
Change packaging to glass jars.
Clean your freezer/fridge.
Re decorate your bathroom.
Clean your windows.
Clean your oven (I know many peoples oven looks terrible).
Clean your cosmetic draws, get rid of old stuff.
Wash your shower curtain (I washed mine not long ago, needed and better for the environment bc you re-use it instead of wasting it).
Read books.
Mindful colouring.
Dance and learn new steps via Youtube.
Sort your working wardrobe.
Download Duo Lingo and learn a new language.
Meditate often during the day.
Do stretches whenever.
Go through any type of admin.
Go through your finances.
Go through your direct debits.
Skype with a friend who speak another language and exchange favours.

There is sooooo much to do during these days, they say it is gonna last for another two months minimum. At least for my company. So, if I come up with some more ideas I will share them here.

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