Time for Quarantonic

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It almost feel like I could just go and have a drink. I rarely drink and these days isn’t abnormal but they are boring. The fact that we are being restricted to be indoors. Anyhow, I cannot be asked to always speak about La Corona La Cagona. Yes, I found a new spanish cuss words for this pandemic. When we say cagona, well at least myself it basically means Corona basically fxxcked us all.

I have been working today as any other Monday, Craig is at home as well and it is like a bloody call center at our house. I had a meeting as well through zoom, he had two meetings, and calls throughout the day.
I’m on my own at the moment and trying to find a birthday present for Craig, trying to sort something out so his 30th can be enjoyable after all. I had so much planned and it really sucks, it is a big number. Sad to not be able to celebrate it properly.

I have no clue what I can give him instead? Help?
Either way, I will get some few bits and pieces this week. Get a cake, maybe have house party through the app? haha

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