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Work is dead, I get some few tasks every now and then but it is pretty dead. Our building is slowly shutting down and a few floors apparently been cleared out. A few corona cases with some of the staff being ill and having the corona symptoms. I left work for two weeks ago now, so I have been ok not seeing many people. At first I wasn’t bothered, still not but there are people we should think of. I only seeing people who isolate themselves as well, the risk is tiny smaller but still there. Best is to follow the rules, and now more than ever. If we try to behave, we can be out of this soon enough to enjoy the rest of the year. Bummer if this continues throughout the year. There are so many people that are being affected already and many more to get affected. It is terrible. Not even office jobs are completely safe, I mean I just pray things will get better. For everyone’s sake. For everyone’s well being. Stress around money and how to live isn’t the one, but I also don’t expect my monies to be given away when I work hard too(referring to the venue hire I’m dealing with).

On another note, I want life to be about something else. There is tooo much corona corona everywhere, any type of convo you have corona is included.

I haven’t finished work yet or I should keep myself online if I need to send anything around, I have to request something for my phone first and then i’m gonna take a break and read my book.

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