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I have not been so keen on writing anything lately, meanwhile quarantine life is changing and some many new chapters are beginning in our lives. Quite scary but changes. I will tell you more about the changes once I feel more comfortable.
After week 2 being isolated and barely seen anyone, I just went downhill to be honest and couldn’t be asked to deal with anything. Fed up with being isolated, constantly trying to find something more to do, because work isn’t enough at the moment. I wasn’t too scared at first but now I actually do not want to mix around with too many people. I don’t want to extend this period more, so I choose to stay indoors and be bored as fuck. We need stimulation and there is only so much you can do indoors, and no I’m not into TikTok.

During this low key week I had, I lost interest in food, it is silly. My mind can switch, and I was running out of ideas because the store were running out of food (which made no sense). I have just felt really meh lately and honestly want this to be over. We couldn’t celebrate Craig’s birthday properly, and I mean your 30th. Sucks. I guess we just lay low for now and try to go back to normal 2021.

I’m gonna continue to work and see if I can find faults somewhere and correct them. I’m gonna go for a walk later, take a break and clear my head.

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