Full Moon Yoga

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Just went I was feeling a bit relaxed, the house next door is acting Bob The Builder. Nice.
Anyhow, I always have friends asking me about good yoga classes online, teachers but honestly until now I did not pay much attention as I like the whole idea of changing scenery and go to wind down. Well, doing my best from home.

Tonight there will be Super Pink Moon, and I cannot wait to chill in the garden and watch it. Alternative maybe go for a walk in the field and watch it there. Either way, I will do a full moon yoga flow tonight, and I thought let me just share which online classes I’m thinking of doing.


I like this one, I think it is very calming as it should be. Give it a try.

I think this one is good, her voice is a bit loud but works. Moon salutations – Full moon practice for forgiveness and clarity. She does gives an insight of the full moon, before the practice starts.

This one is a quick one but her voice is very calming. Very easy, and no fuss.

You may need few bits for this class but I think you can make it work good enough without.

I did another quick yoga class for neck and shoulders, feel immediately a big lighter. Seems like I carry quite a lot of stress on my shoulders.

I hope you enjoy the Full Moon tonight, I love watching the moon and now that there absolutely nothing to do. I will spend hours chilling and looking at it. Okey, maybe not hours but a long time.

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