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I feel a bit more settle than I have been previously. This week has been good for me, exercise wise. I’m coming back to my normal routine, and this morning I added a 21 day meditation challenge. I have mention this before and did it in January last. It doesn’t matter that I have practice the same one before, sometimes it helps to practice the same again. It is an Abundance Challenge and for anyone feeling a little bit out of space and find it hard to be grateful or see the positive in things. This 21 Day Meditation – Abundance challenge is SO good. I got really good feedback from my friends when we did it, they really liked it. They are 15 minutes long, so nothing too long.

It is Good Friday today, I’m gonna go quick to the shop and get some mushrooms so I can do a BBQ later. The sun is shining and it is very very nice temperature outside. I’m trying to do some reports for work, I rarely work easter but I needed 2 extra days for holiday this year but now I’m like fuck should have said no. The Corona didn’t feel like a major restriction back then.

Anyhow, lunch in an hour. During the mornings I just go for liquid, smoothie or juice or coffee. I love food but I find myself in food comas very often as I’m very greedy. Ops. So, my greediness needs some adjustments.

Although, before lunch a bit of reading in the sun. One of the best things I like about working from home, is that I can have my headphones on, and work in the sun. I should use another screen but nah, the hassle and also I have mastered to work with only one screen. I still sick doing the reports through my Mac. Work with what you got they say.

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