And Easter is Over

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Happy Easter everyone.
I hope you all had a good day with the people you could be around with, it is not an easy time right now but we make everything we can to stay positive? Right? I know some of us, or I will say EVERYONE has dealt with some sort of anxiety or depression during this time. Imagine people who are constantly in control of their routines? I mean so many people are suffering because our world has changed, no one knows what the next step is. For humanity, this is big. For us people in certain areas, life is taken for granted – and now it has completely changed the dynamic. Are we ever going back to normal? Never. I have the need to be out and walk EVERY day, I need to change scenery in order to stay stimulated.

This week I have been trying to be more productive and actually stick to some sort of planning.
I was out running 3 times last week, that was amazing and the feels you get once you advance. First I did 1km, second time 1,5km, and the third was 2km. I know it is NOT much at all, but I have bad knees and haven’t been out running in a long time. The whole week I have been meditating, and stretching with yoga. Home workouts have been amazing, and thank God for that because – my summer body would suffer. I need to exercise in order to maintain a healthy weight, or do I depend on exercising to keep myself happy? Partly yes.

Apart from all of the above, I have also been working. As usual, I left work 13th of March and I miss getting together with my colleagues? The banters? I will be complaining once we are back top work but that? Another story.

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