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As a coffee lover, I’m getting bored of the normal effect of coffee as I just don’t feel it any longer. Not the same way the first year of me getting into the habit of drinking latte before school.

I wanted to share a new nutrition purchase I made this week, Ground Coffee with Lion’s Mane mushroom.

I have microdosed mushrooms before, last year was my first time I did it for two weeks. It is quiet complex thing to write about and also I would say research if you would be interested in knowing more about microdosing mushrooms and the benefits of it.

I need to complete a few classes that I keep on procrastinating and I know how good mushrooms can be for your creative mind and also the fact that it makes you complete task on the go and focus better. That is how I felt last year when I did it, I was on the go and completed work tasks so well and felt uplifted the whole day but with a very realistic mindset. I wasn’t smiling and singing and jumping on one leg, I was being positive about my situation, I felt safe, I felt confident, I felt enough, I knew there were things I did on my daily basis that needed a change, and made me question my bad decisions more or previous but I wasn’t beating myself up. I start analysing why this affected me more and why this affected me less, basically a whole check on myself. It felt good doing it. I did not continue with it like I wanted to do but I have taking it every now and then to just enhance my spiritual side a bit more. It is basically just a lightbulb moment type of thing I would say. I don’t want to be too specific because after all, certain mushrooms are psychedelics and illegal. Lion’s mane on the other side is not but can contribute with similar effects and one mushroom powder I tried before was Chaga and it actually made me less mentally tired – I think that is the perfect way to explain it benefit.

Lion’s Mane helps with:
Inflammation and Oxidation
Anxiety and depression
Cognitive Health
Heart Health
Digestive Health
Nervous System Recovery
Wound Healing

These are the forms you can found them in:

I have purchase it with coffee, adding more power to the day like I need it? Well yes, need to focus on many tasks I have been rejecting because I’m so busy and tired after work. Now, that excuse is out of the window.

I bought this one here:

I have another brand in mind, I need to find it first but I just found this one and it contains 10 packets which I’m gonna give Craig half and myself half. Just a trial to see if we like it in coffee and see how good the mix is. Craig is doing his masters so he need this more than me. Cost: £9.99 (discounted)

If you dont like coffee but would like to try Lion’s Mane in other forms, see below:

Indigo Nutrition brand is very good and I have order a few things from them before, I can recommend it. If you don’t like coffee, you can always go for this form – powder and add it to smoothies. Some people add it to salads, dressings?, or just add water and drink it like a boss. Not my way of doing it.
This one cost: £14.99 and if you have amazon prime you get it quick.

There are other strains you can try as well, with other benefits. People who microdose mushrooms will say many good things about it, because it does open up your mind more. For example, you stop yourself from making poor choices around food. I will say, research and if you ever want to do mushroom for leisure – do it in good company, not go out and party, have a good energy frequency within the people you have around you and yourself. We forget that most of this things enhances the mind, the third eye, cells that are blocked by food and chemicals and other shit.

I will try my coffee tomorrow as now it is too late and I will come back with a review. I will try it the rest of the week and two days next week. I will actually detail how I felt taking the coffee with Lion’s Mane. Wish me good luck, and I wish you good luck if you are interested or if you are doing it right now.

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