New Week – Q5

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Hi darlings,

I started my morning with a 2km run, some body weight workouts in the park and a pistol challenge. The pistol challenge seem to be a hard one for many haha, but it just takes practice. I injured my quadriceps femoris muscles the first time I tried it and it took me time to finally nail it. So even thought is is hard, it is a great exercise.

The weather is much colder today but in the sun it is pleasant. Our garden has the sun all day, and you can barely feel the wind – I think that is the reason I look like I have been on holiday for over months.

I’m gonna head in and get myself something nice to eat, I think oyster mushrooms fried in butter (vegan butter) and garlic, with some toasted green plantains, avocado, and maybe if I dare – some hummus. Once my period is over, my body changes and all that lovely fluff is gone but also the way I eat. I rather have more lighter food (apart from plantains, forever in my belly) and I drink more. I guess that is normal, and I don’t mind because I’m not reckless with food the rest of the month.

Well, I need to make a move I have been sitting here, meditating to Deepak Choprak, the new 21 days meditation. Hope. So needed right now. The more I meditate, the calmer I get and I get less dips during this time. Meditation truly helps, it is hard but give it a go or at least practice deep breathing for 5 mins everyday. Until it becomes a habit, and you can add more minutes and by the time this whole unpredictable time is over – you will have meditation as a habit even when life becomes busy again.

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