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If you are looking for vegan yogurts and hate coconut, oat based yogurt is beautiful. I found two brands in Sainsbury’s this one, and Activia. I tried to find them on the internet but no luck.
This one on the picture taste good actually but the Oatly – Outgart is great (not seen it in the uk). I have not tried Activia yet, I opened this one first but I will let you know.

I know a lot of people who dislike like coconut, I’m not a huge fan of coconut yogurt more so almond and oat. I love coconut, but not in yogurt form so much.

I usually don’t add yogurt to my smoothies but sometimes it is nice with a thicker texture like today.

Another addition to my cupboard is this beauty down here:

My days of trying to find vegan honey are over. This one I found in Sainsbury’s and it is nice but other times I rather go for wild honey, Polish wild honey is TOP notch. A spoon every day and you are fine, it is that powerful. I need to get a new one, soon. Very soon.

Another addition to my routine is juice. Ginger, Lime, Carrots and apples. I think this mixture of fruits have help me with the hay-fever a little bit.

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