Saturday and Amazon Prime Video.

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I’m sitting in my living room watching this documentary called The Red Pill by Cassie Jaye. It is very good and interesting, I recommend to watch it if you haven’t already. I don’r want to even say what it is about because I don’t want to go into it at all. Just watch it. Good afternoon chill with a little bit of depth.

Today I woke up late, I stayed up last night watching youtube videos and learning how to dance to Afro Beats. Gosh, I was sweating. No wonder they are so fit. You work with every muscle more or less, well I did because I was moving like a girl on fire. No in the sexy way, basically my left foot was doing its own thing my hand was yeah no it wouldn’t have been pleasant to watch. I have to be honest to myself.

Going forward, I have been working out today and just chilling in the house. Enjoying the time. Although, I’m not gonna lie there have been days when I have been feeling extremely bored to a point I just can’t be asked and think OMG, how much longer? Then I start to think of how a normal Sunday is, and try to just think of the days as a normal quiet Sunday. Monday to Friday I feel it more, I don’t know why but I feel more stressed about how much time I have? I work and do what I need to do, I work out many times during the day but I still feel like I have more time? Which is good but the day goes quick as well? I can’t even explain the reality of my days, it is personal to each person obviously but it is a very confusing time. I try my hardest and every day to appreciate it and take time for myself to meditate and do the things I procrastinate. I have been eating well lately and more often, I have been taking apple, ginger and lime juice every day. Exercise and eating healthy always help, I guess I need to embrace this time and get the best of myself? Work on my relationships, including the one with myself most important one.

I think I’m going to meditate after this documentary and get some nap after. I may try to watch a movie with Craig tonight.

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