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Another sunny Sunday. We are having Sunday roast at home and I cannot wait. I have been fasting all day, and just finished a upper body work out.

The picture above shows my sitting position at the moment. I love this spot in the house, the only thing is that it is COLD in this room.

Earlier today we took a walk to Crystal Palace and the park was pretty packed to be honest. People do not seem to care that much anymore, and it feels wrong to say it because Dohh I’m out as well. I wanna say I’m careful but.. we all say the same and none of us are sure if we have or not.

I need to go and get ready for dinner, shower because I’m filthy. Sitting down covered in my own sweat since two hours back, nice.

I’m also gonna bake a banana cake 😀 Honestly, just when I said it I think I’m not baking anything. I baked a victoria sponge cake last week and it is in the fridge just waiting for better times? It is not gluten free so I’m just here thinking: should I do this to my belly? Hmm.. Dont ask me why I baked it…

I do random shit without consulting with other people. Ops

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