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I have been working since this morning and also helped Craig with his masters. Well, I gave my rational opinion about a case – bruv it is HARD but interesting because there is a legal part. My man is smashing it though, wish I had his dedication and stubbornness. I say this all the time and to his face, I wish I was more like you (well I like that we are different haha). The way Craig is so dedicated and he never quits. He never quits. It is actually such a attractive trace, and I love that about him. He has been a huge support and inspiration for me, the way I can be a bit lazy and meh. I see him, and everything he does I’m like hold on, I need to step up here and there. I guess we both have areas where we feel more confident in.

Ok, Craig is amazing yari yari. Love you boo.

I’m gonna have a break in 30 minutes, I need to do a report and then I’m heading to the garden to do some HIIT work out. I was going for a run but my feet are aching so badly. I get sore feet during my sleep and it is such a weird thing, I have to check this out. Has anyone experience similar?

I will do my workout in the sun because I just want to sweat in the heat.

I need to say to you guys, invest in a juicer or invest in a ginger garden. This mixture I have been doing for almost two weeks now, it has been amazing. Ginger, lime, apples and add a tea spoon of ground turmeric in a 750ml bottle.

Turmeric is expensive and you don’t get that much either. Ground turmeric works perfectly fine but add more turmeric if you like. I add one teaspoon because my belly can’t take too much. Realised that last week, ops.

Anyhow, try to stay healthy but do not be a boring person either. Enjoy life with moderation.

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