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I’m sitting in the living room with a burning throat because I added too much ginger to my juice. I do everything to keep myself healthy because this virus is getting silly.
I have now parents in Sweden being isolated because they are having symptoms and my brother has been sent to his school to stay there in order to not get infected. So be fucking careful out there and Sweden, I get that it may work but ffs sort your shit out.

I’m scared for my parents, but trying to keep myself in a positive mindset. I get heartache straight thinking of it and I’m just trying to do my part from here but IT IS FRUSTRATING. I can’t be there and get affected (I would risk anything) and support my parents. It sucks.

So, woke up early and straight to work, as soon as I opened my eyes. I have sooo much to do lately and today it is a busy day. Although, I’m trying to keep my mornings peaceful so I don’t get bored in the end. Anyhow, I was going to share something I have been doing for some time. It is a seed-cycle, basically I eat certain superfoods during my cycle but more about it later. I would like to write it carefully and have my facts right.

I would suggest people to slow down with the dairy intake, I have cut down massively on animal products. I have always included a vegan life style more or less but I think I’m more strict and less “flexible” now when it comes to just let myself have whatever. Again, I’m not reckless with food.

If you love yogurt, I would say go for this one. The other one from Light & Free was good as well and I like the fact that they work towards making the brand more sustainable. Good one.

This one has everything in one go, and it is not just basic. I did like them both. I like that this one on the picture has seeds. Good addition.

Give them a go, and be gentle with your belly. And the reason why I try to consume as little dairy is possible is, I get horrible phlegmy cough just hours later from consuming it. It is silly, and I can eat a bar of chocolate and the phlegm just appears in my chest. It takes around 2 days to just get rid of it.

Dairy is a mucus forming type of food, and when it comes to me: it is just exactly what it is. Mucus forming, and I don’t need to consume it for days to feel the phlegm spreading. My body is quick reacting, it never gives me a break. At the moment I have cut down on coffee as well, on my second day… let’s see how it goes. Reason why I have cut it down is because it makes me sweat SOOO much and I don’t feel fresh. And then when I don’t drink coffee, I barely sweat.

This was my quick catch up. 🙂

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