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Hi darlings,

Thank you for continuing to read my blog every day. Thank you, I see you.

I will just share the quick news, I’m going to VLOG. Yes, silly I know. So I’m one of many who wish to do it but feel restricted. I love the camera and I’m not gonna sit here and say no, I like to take pictures of others, of myself, of the nature, of silly things. I’m not a selfish person with the camera but I love it. I will tell you more about it once it is set up properly, I wanted to start this week but my Canon has lost the battery and I cannot find it. I barely use that camera, so strange.

Once the camera is complete I will start my first vlog, it is not about my daily life but about knowledge in a different way. You will see.

Today, I’m going to share my latest purchases I made this week. Let start with the first one which is, reusable pads.

I always buy bulks of things, specially toiletries. I have seen these reusable cotton pads everywhere but I didn’t want to buy just yet, but last week I used the last ones of the disposable ones. It was needed to buy new pads, but I went for these and they are AMAZING.

They have two sides and as the package says. The black one gives you a nice exfoliation, the white one does the finish (the way I use them). I like that they have sent two bags and 24 pads for £12.99. So far, so good, gentle to the environment as well.

In on bag I keep the clean and the other one the used ones.

My other purchase was a water bottle. I went for this one:

It comes inside a cotton bag, it is black and very simple but good quality. I like the lid as it closes very tight, less risk for leakage.

I needed a new water bottle with a nice simple design, not too much and of course needed to be black. I have left a few at work and I like to have a bottle next to me, and get those 2 liters a day.

These two addition has been good, I have no issues at all. Love the reusable pads, great purchase. Also because I’m aiming to buy my things from smaller sustainable companies, buy more from friends, and less from the bigs shops. It is about helping each other.

You can buy the bottle here and it cost only £15.75 and will last.

You can buy the reusable cotton pads here and they only cost £12.99 and you will save some monies.

I’m not trying to make you buy new things and spend money, specially not during these times. Although, if you can go for recycle brands, more gentle products for our earth, recycle more, have different bins, and sort your rubbish. There are so many things we can do now, create a better routine on how we move on this earth. Be aware of the footprints.

At home we do recycle like crazy people, we have a bin for everything. I love that.

Anyhow, if you want to start thinking more about the environment. You can always start small, make small changes. Start with yourself.

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