4th May

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Moooonday and I cannot wait to eat food. Lol, I woke up hungry and I dont know why? Maybe because I only had one meal yesterday, wasn’t keen on more.

So, I have some news and I’m super excited. Since I “came” with the vlog idea, I have already got someone who wants to work with me. Her profession is Marketing, so I’m super excited to work with someone with knowledge.
I will tell you everything once things are clear and also once the quarantine is over.

I can’t tell you more yet, it is gonna be great and I think the market for it is there NOW.

So, how have we been lately? I have been feeling a bit fed up with the world, the way people move around, the viciousness behind peoples agenda. I just cant, honestly some people need to check if they are Spiritual healthy and how? The reason why I care is because, I’m such a different person or at least I think I’m. I’m a cheerleader, I will help you get where you want to be, I will support you because I know that we are different and your light is not a threat to me. We all different, I guess.

I guess this affects me how females specific move around, because I’m trying to build something that is for us. I want females to be free from judgements from other females, to feel free to express themselves to one another, to support each other WITHOUT feeling threaten by their success. I have that with my friends, but can we enhance it even more? Be united as a team, and stop feeling insecure because someone is “the ideal”. We need to remember our worth, who we are, and how we feel about ourselves. I want a better world for females (humans), for my children for our future children. I want us mothers in the future to be united and help one another, open up about issues we don’t talk about. Lend a hand to anyone out there in need, stop feeling threaten because you haven’t made it this far. It has nothing to do with the other person, it is your own actions.

At the moment, I feel at peace in myself and honestly NO ONE is my competitor. I support you honey, but I won’t sit here and hate on you. That is not my way of living life, if I think you are doing great – I will tell you. If I want to know something you maybe have knowledge in? I ask you. I engage with my instagram people because it is important to connect now more than ever. I like peoples picture and NO, I don’t think oh this person is on my feed too much. Let me remove her/him.

Honestly, if you are gonna follow people – engage. The worse thing or the immature ways of Instagram is: following people but just to lurk? No no no, it is not a fake account. It is your friends or people you know following you, looking at your stories BUT NEVER a like? I think you are just extra and too curious for your own good.
For me that is a toxic way to use instagram, it is like it burns for some people to like someone’s picture? But Kylie or Beyonce or all of them people get your likes, like you bumming. Can we focus on the basic people? Us? On the creative original people who we know, the people we can have closer connection with? Why is it easier to clap for a celebrity but not your friend?

Saying that, wow I have got SOOOO much love lately from all corners. From people asking me to set up a nutrition plan for them, to work towards something greater, people have sent me sooo many DM’s saying amazing things. How they started training because of me. My week last week was filled with soo much joy, I’m glad I have managed to inspire many of you. I hope to continue to do so in the future…

I’m not angry at anyone haha, but I just want to create a more real way on how to use instagram. How we can engage better? Help each other?

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