Coffee Free

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I never thought I would say this but I’m ending my 3rd week without coffee. I love coffee, and I know coffee and I wish I had a coffee farm because coffee is damn nice. I’m not much for ice coffee AT ALL and will probably never be. For me coffee is to drink hot, that warming feeling of a good coffee. Oh Gosh, I’m dreaming of a nice cafe latte. Well, just gonna continue to dream and sip my green tea kmt.

I have been planning a huge detox for a specific reason, I wanted to do it when I started study but I did not have the perfect discipline. Alcohol was playing a role in my life and it felt “hard” to get rid of so much.

Anyhow, I believe in a sustainable approach when it comes to food. Cutting off things quick, you will go back to the same thing again. Since training and putting more effort to my training, and techniques, a sustainable approach is always needed. To do things right, to not injure yourself, to not get too tired after a few weeks, regardless what it is. I like to get to know whatever it is, a situation, a person, a module, anything, I wanna know why this is needed to be done and how we can make this whole thing enjoyable and better?

So when I stopped with coffee the first day, I said: I will see how this goes. One day at the time, and it is nothing wrong with slower movements because I have discipline today and will. Coffee did not make me feel good and I felt very anxious, specially at work. I haven’t felt anxious maybe after the first three days of not having coffee. I’m tired but I make sure I get energy by stretches, juices, medjool dates, and green tea and good food.

There are so many sites where you can find information what caffeine does to your body.

I’m drinking a lot of juice but only using one sweet fruit, which is apple. I add celery which has alkaline effects, ginger, peeled lemons and today I added pineapple. It was LOOOOOVELY.

And VitD everyday to keep a healthy gut.

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