Nutrition for Pregnancy

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Nope, still not pregnant.

And no, we are not trying right now.

What I’m doing is, educating myself in areas I think are beneficial for myself. Nutrition for pregnancy is one of the focus when it comes to my degree, and also the reproductive system will be my number 2 focus. Today I’m doing a day course about nutrition in pregnancy and will just add after the qualification. It is a basic but good general knowledge about how to prepare before pregnancy. Your health is important AT all times, and even for the male as well. We forgot that both parents are equally responsible for the future health of the child.

I’m not gonna write too much, because this are the areas I will be aiming for at the moment. Later on, I will do SOMETHING much better but I’m learn to just study, get clear head and then present it.

For the things I want to do in my life, all of them things require a lot of deep knowledge. Reading, cases, and soo much more. I’m so determinate to go through with my plan and in the field I want to. I will be able to tell you more later but I just realised that I need to get sooo much knowledge and experience.

Who knows, once I’m legit Nutritionist – I will add another course to enhance. The only thing that is buggering in the back of my head is my age, I’m turning 32 years old and I wanna do soo much. Sometimes I wish all these ideas came to my mind when I was younger, or that I maybe did not listen to my fear self too much.

Anyhow, the right time and the right place is here now. I’m getting more settle with my plans and what I want to do. All my skills and interest do match in many ways, so yes it is time to create something bigger with myself.

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