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How are we today? I hope you are feeling good and try to stay grounded. I have been feeling happy and at times bored, and it is constantly but it just about being relaxed in your own company. I have been trying to educate myself and being sharing some ideas with friends. I wanna do everything but even if I can, I focused on one thing at the moment and I hope I can bring my knowledge to use and help others.

I started the day with 35 mins Morning Yoga. It felt very good and gave me a lot of energy for my next class. I’m trying to do my friends class at least twice a week. I have been going on 4, so trying to keep it up. They are so good and I start see more results and a more leaner figure. I have never trained like this on a regular so I’m very excited to see how my body changes and improves. I definitely feel my endurance is getting better, I go on for longer without the lactic acid building up immediately.

I have been doing yoga every morning or before noon, and it has made me feel more relaxed during the days. I sleep better and not drinking coffee has been golden. My body is calmer but I do feel a flush going through my body. I have had headaches, feeling a bit low, and tired. Although, my body is getting use to not having coffee more so now. I’m proud of my discipline and yes I do dream about that creamy cup of coffee…. but I need a cleanse for now. Later, I want coffee to be a treat more than a need.

On another note, the weather seems to be popping this week and next week. Usually, I would be doing plans by now but lets just see what each day brings. No rush.

This post was not sent yesterday, but I will write a new one after this one. Hope you had a good Monday. Mine was very good.

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