Morning Grind

Moooorning beauties.

I woke up super early today but I also went straight to bed last night after spending some time with friends. Yes, we are allowed to see a few ones now. So happy and so happy they are more laid back and trust their immune-system.

This morning I woke up, stretch whilst laying in bed, did a 7 min meditation and then jumped on my training gear and practice some morning yoga. I’m up and running like a nutter right now, so much energy. I did everything before 8am, and no coffee just ginger tea.

I’m working on my own things, so I had an hours to go through my points for my meeting this afternoon. I love to be busy, and having work Monday to Friday… the days are flying. May is almost over, half of the year is almost over. Crazy.

It is 10AM, I’m going for a quick 10 mins walk to just get some more fresh air. I have also been dancing in my room whilst making my bed, folding some clothes and just tidy my room. It is important to create structure around the simple things, make the bed and start your day right from there.

I hope life is not too hard on everyone and that we keep our sane. Have a good day.

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