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I hope you guys are good.
I have been good or better with my PMS, I had a little tantrum for a month ago and since I have been doing more meditation, yoga, seeds cycle and trying to live – life feels better.

I have focused so much on myself, my relationships and life itself. How to move forward and all of that, that is called progress. I see a lot of good changes in my love life as well. It feels good to be in a better place with myself and also see how being good affects the other person amazingly.

I have also started to do training in coaching, so next week I will be doing my first client – so that feels good.

I have been reading massively and honestly I don’t have time to care about other stuff. The way I’m busy today is crazy, I accidentally did a Chandler at work and accepted a project that is quiet big. I was like, oh.

I have secure myself well at work, I have been there for a long time now and even though I say I want to work for myself. I need to have a secure income in my life, as I’m planning on doing more than just live – a secure income is my priority at the moment. At the same time, I don’t want to lose myself in the corporate world and never chase my dreams.

Balance is what I’m trying to maintain at the moment, balance with work, goals, life itself, and last but not least my hormones. I hate to be imbalance because I hate acting all impulsive and do things without thinking, I don’t like to apologise after for my lack of controlling myself.

This post is random but I thought I would just check in, my reader are still loyal. Thank you.

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