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Hello beauties,

I have been asking the universe for more motivation, to continue where I left and dedicate myself even more on the things I’m doing for myself.

This week I have been mentally and physically preparing myself for the new moon. Writing down my intentions, what I want in life, what I want to improve etc. I rarely ask for money, or for LOOOADS of materialistic things. I want peace of mind, I want to be better and be a better person to the people around me. So, when I ask for things to the universe, they usually sound like this: Give me more strength, give me power within myself. Allow me to respond better to difficult situations. The type of manifesting I do, for me it is more about feeling grounded and balance in my head before anything else.

Whilst preparing for the new moon and getting myself ready, I went to the park in the area and got myself some new herbs. Lemon balm, oregano, rosemary, lemon basil, sage, purple sage and mint. I know this culinary garden in the area, and it is well taken care of and it is very therapeutic smelling the herbs and picking.

I love how you can see the tiny hair on the leaves. So beautiful.

Lemon balm was so lovely to drink, smooth and yesterday when I had the mint tea. Again, smooth. It tasted different. Pure.

Cannot wait to use the oregano. Oregano is my nan’s favorite herb.

I reused my glass jars, added spring water instead of tap water. It is all about less chemicals. Less bleh.

Chives and rosemary. Rosemary roasted potatoes. Yummy!
I don’t cook with chives, so they are a gift to a friend. The type of things my friend and I get excited about.

Who doesn’t love some purple sage? It is really nice too cook with I have heard. I have only used normal sage, the pale one.

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