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Everyday I write here but I haven’t posted anything at all. Always get distracted when I’m trying to be a little bit productive here.

Well, how have I been? GOOD! I have been on a journey with myself, trying to changed mindset and move forward. I’m not trying to enjoy life only on the good days, but also when life isn’t all that fun. Should I stay worried and analyse too much? My own advice is no. I should move forward and leave the past to the past, stay present and pray for the future.

So, what have I done since I turned 32? I left London and visited Berlin for 24hr with Craig on my bday. Yes ,we love Berlin and this time we did have so much fun. We miss Berlin, maybe because it was so much more free but responsible. Does it make sense? Well the social life has not been killed yet, put it like that.
I came home to London and the next day I left for Sweden for a whole week and yes I did have another amazing time there. This is not random, or that it got fun like that just because. A lot has to do with me changing my mindset, I’m trying to feed my endorphines more, care more for how I want to feel and stop getting stuck in a destructive thinking. You know, the over-analyser. That shit kills you, honestly.

Berlin and Stockholm were incredible and so thankful for my relationship with my parents lately. The fun I had with my mum, and wow she can makes jokes. I see so much me in her or her in me. Yes, I have put an effort on making things differently and enjoy them.

Berlin with Craig was just GREAT, we get along well and we love being free. It is one of the things we agree so much on, the freedom of not being restricted. It is very complex to explain, because who doesn’t love freedom? Freedom is not the same for everyone, what I’m trying to say.

Anywho, let me just show some cute pictures.

We have seen a lot of Berlin and even Germany but everytime we get so surprised of the sizes of the buildings. They are HUGE. In general but we found and amazing park: Tiergarten.
Nearby the park, there is so much more to see but the park is very pretty. We saw hummingbirds flying around there, it was lovely to see.

Had a wrap that destroyed me completely. But we survived hahaha.

When I say that Berlin has the best underground system or travel system. Ask me privately why.

It never ends the reading of what the heck Germany went through and the rest of Europe together. It is just bizarre and I wanna say, that is the past but shit like that is happening everywhere at the moment. Hard core shit we can’t even imagine, we can’t because we are “safe” and spoiled by the end of the day. Most of our worries is calming our damn mind and stop feeling sorry for ourselves. Self-pity is SOOO your 20s.

This man is another type of man. My man of course. He shapes me and I shape him. We help each other every day to grow. 5 years and counting. Why we work? I’m very strict as a person and so is Craig (but people can’t think we are, which is good because I don’t want to come across like I’m restricting). We take control in different areas in our relationship, Craig is good with this and I’m good with that. We can’t be good at everything both of us, it becomes very competitive and I hate competing with people I love or with anyone really. Your partner is your biggest teacher, not always the funniest but if you are open for what the teacher has to offer – you will grow. A partner is not physically a teacher (read between the lines), it is what the person triggers in you, the way the person sees you, the way the person responses you. Every detail of the other persons actions is a reflection of how you treat, see and carry yourself and what you demand.

This was never suppose to be a deep post but in regards to relationships I will post a post soon. If you know me very well, you will know that I put a lot of effort in my relationships.

I’m gonna head back to my work and get back a bit later with another post. I will see if the motivation stay.

have a great day.

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