Mercimek Köftesi

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Yesterday Friday I had my friends over, for mini snack dinner at mines. It was so cozy and lovely to have my friends around, chat about everything and give each other inspiration. Good energy is always needed.

I have always wanted a place that is mine, my area so I can create my little sanctuary and make it a safe place. I have had place on my own before but this is another level of comfort. It is just perfect.

I made some Turkish linsbiffar as we call it in Swedish. The recipe is taking from Zeinas kitchen. They are simple, healthy and nice. More convenient if you have dinner parties.

I have some roasted potatoes that I made together with some broccoli. I cooked the potatoes and broccoli, fried coriander, chilles and garlic together. Added the potatoes and mixed it all together. Yum. If you like spicy.

I also made a really nice guaca. I make it this way:
Two avocados – mash them properly.
Purple onion cut in small pices, wash the purple onion so it is not too strong.
I add key lime juice, two small key limes.
I add fresh garlic.
Throw some coriander in as well.
Chilli is a must.
Some sea salt but not too much and done.

I like to cook but only if others are eating as well. When it comes to only me cooking, I go for something simple. I like to have people around so I can show them a new recipe I’m trying. More international recipes please. I have a Turkish Lentil soup to make soon, from Zeinas Kitchen as well.

Just wanted to share a quick post.

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