Pause the fake world.

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I hope you all readers are well and that you are trying to keep up with life and all the changes to accept. There is so much happening at the moment, every day the news are changing and new regulations here and there. I sometimes cannot keep up, and my biggest decision for this year was to get rid of instagram. Delete the app and just not entertain it for some months, hopefully.

I have found instagram very toxic for a very long time, the ways people pretend to be better than others. The fakeness of being supportive when it suits YOU. I know it is instagram, many reason why I have kept my instagram closed for most of my instagram life. At the same time that I have tried to connect with other like minded females, and share knowledge with each other. I’m very pleased to have connected with so many great females, although people I know more than random lovely followers… I just find them more awkward than people I barely know. You ask people: share my shit and if that isn’t in their interest they don’t give two fucks and ignore it. These are people who suppose to support you, yeah right.
Although, that friend calling you to tell their problems.. that friend is the friend who rather share BEYONCE’s shit than yours. Is friendship limited when it comes to instagram? I see this way to often, and I think it is so sad.

So to make it simple for myself, to stop being so annoyed sometimes of peoples way of being fake and hypocrites. I said: let me remove myself before I create a more bitter perspective of Instagram.
Honestly, I like to interact on instagram specially more so now during the lockdown. Things are more virtual and so have our friendships become as well. I honestly just needed to do a removal and stop caring of what is going on on instagram and what is everyone up to. Really in truly, none of my business because peoples life aren’t better than mine or worse. I honestly do NOT give a donkey, but it does affect how I see myself moving forward. I found myself procrastinating a lot and instagram has been my personal developments worse enemy.

Enough of hating on peoples fake way on being on instagram. I realised that the way people think on instagram with anyone is: I don’t care if you are my friend. Are you helping ME to become better and more popular? That is what instagram is all about. That is what people have made instagram to be. So, I need to just not be there anymore. Remove myself from that world for some time and maybe later I appreciate it but right now it is just toxic for my personal development.

So I deleted it today, and for some days I have been off and turned off my phone. I have so many things to deal with and all the shit distraction is just making me not focus on the things I really wanna do.
Turning off the phone for half day, helped and it felt very good. I spend those hours reading, watch a show without thinking of my phone. Another thing I start doing is puzzle, and keep up the stimulation in the brain.

I have been doing the puzzle for a few days, I like it being on the floor so I can just dive in whenever I feel like.

One of the nice things I have been doing lately, or for the last few days.

I will defo post more, and try to keep it more interesting than my poor rants about the world. How people are so fake and how I’m so true… jokes.


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