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Hello guys,

Wow, what a day it has been. Long, very long day.
Work started early as always, and then my side business, the thrift-shop was just on point today. I put up my thrift shop on instagram but I realised how hard it has been to sell anything there. I managed to sell on dress and that was it.
From depop I have had one item sold, a pair of shoes and from Vinted I have 3 items to send tomorrow. It is going forward, I love this sustainable side hustle.

The packaging I’m using is not plastic and made of corn instead, meaning there is no need to recycle and can go straight into the food bin. I have chosen to kept it this way, I find myself responsible if I sent all parcel with plastic. I mean, I do not know how people recycle in their homes. The least I can do from my part is to not destroy the earth with more plastic.

I have promised myself to get rid of all the clothes I have and don’t use. At Vinted, I sell most fo the things below £20. I rather get rid of them, and have more space for other things.

Anyone else dealing with a side hustle? Let me know and I will share it here.


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