Yay Friday!

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Happy Sunny Friday (in London)!

Friday it is and I’m so happy because the sun decided to come out this morning and afternoon. Sometimes I take half days off from work to just catch up with my life and what I need to do.

This week has been busy, proper proper busy. I have been on call, meetings, sending parcels, uploading items to Vinted, clean my house, working out, investing and spending money on things. I definitely like this type of busy, away from the matrix but busy enough to feel I’m not missing out on anything. I think I have connected more with myself this week than before, hahaha.

Anyway, as I finished early today I went for a 10k walk. I needed to send some Vinted parcels and get the hustle going. I have been lucky with the weather because it made it so much more pleasant to walk longer. Sun makes things so much better.

I ended up walking through the market as always and bought some mangoes and grapes.

I always buy the seeded grapes, seedless was are obviously not “real”. Fruits have seeds, okey?
The mangoes have been hard to find during winter but for some reason these mangoes have been banging. They taste! If you have ever picked a mango from a true, a ripe one you know what I’m talking about.

Another fruit that I eat weekly is Chirimoya, custard apple in English.

I cannot longer eat certain fruits and I don’t know why, but peach and cherries make my throat itch. so strange. I guess you never stay the same your whole life.

Anyway, what are you plans for this weekend? I will rest and make sure I get some good sleep. I will try to take some photos of all the items I need to upload for next week. I have so much to do, and I really want to sell all my clothes and have more space. I’m not selling clothes for much, everything starts around £1 -£20 and apart from some expensive things, and still cheap.

Well well, I’m going to finish working and relax. I’m going to make some food, and watch a movie and wait for Craig to stop studying and keep me company.

Enjoy Friday!

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