Another Good Pleasure!

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I know this, and I know I could have some plantains this way instead of frying them. I have never been a big fan of oven baked plantains, it feels wrong, it is not authentic. It is just, no it is not real. I said it, but my lazy ass found the oven beneficial and it is the only way I make my plantains nowadays. Done. Healthier and I don’t have to watch it or turn them over or care of how much oil I used.

Ripe plantains okey? See how I have cut them into small slices. Spread them on a baking sheet, and not foil (it gets stuck). Sprinkle sea salt, chili powder, fresh thyme and in the oven. Medium high temperature, when they start getting a tan colour – they are ready unless you want them more crispy.

Example of how the oven baked plantains can be added. Wow, the name it self was long… This is something that annoys me with recipes, the long as names.

What is for dinner today? Share dinner recipes here please, and let me know any other quick ways to cook food. I’m gonna have sea-bass today with corn 😀 yes I love corn, I love corn.

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