New Week

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Hi Beauties,

Another week and new opportunities for all of us, for many of us.

My day started with work as always, mornings are always busy and then once everything is sorted I move around to do my own bits. Yes, my thrift shop is popping and I love it. Every week I post new items, and people seem to like my account as I have so much new and cheap. My goal is to get rid of most of the things, and get a new wardrobe. Keep it minimalistic, that is my goal and has always been. I don’t want to buy anything, I don’t care if it is good quality, do I need it? No, so save instead.

How was your day yesterday? I jumped in quickly into Clubhouse and wow, why is everyone bitter because people are single? I get it, I get it. Although, I don’t agree with the constant cussing of men because we have been hurt?

I will actually express myself a bit in regards to heartbreaks and starting something new. I have been waiting to talk about this often, but never get the chance.

Yesterday for us was quite, Craig got bottle of red wine but I don’t drink so I zip a little bit on a cider. Yes, I don’t like alcohol and yesterday was the first time I zipped on alcohol. Craig always says: you never finish a drink. And I don’t, I’m scared of how my stomach will react after.

We watch some tele and talked about our future plans, and like any other Sunday. Prep for a new working week, yes honestly Craig is so structure that I sometimes feel proper lazy because I just flow on my days. I don’t speak about it often (it is not my thing?) but Craig is doing his masters and working full time at the same time, and seeing him doing everything he does, he fucking inspires me to work harder. Bless him.
We didn’t end up much more than just talk and enjoy each others company, we don’t need more really apart from that Craig is a card person so we gave each others cards. A tiny must.

A picture of myself from yesterday. I haven’t had make up for weeeeeks. My hair needs a trim, and I will do it myself. I actually don’t trust anyone any more when it comes to my hair. I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before but I learned how to thread. Yes, baby I’m removing the moustache and giving my eyebrows a fleeky look. I’m not gonna lie, this time my eyebrows got proper skinny.. I was like fxxx, hahaha.

Anyhow I wasn’t sure I wanted to write today but I will come back later and write a little bit more. I need to go to Pret and get myself a weak coconut latte. Yes, my guilty pleasure is a weak coconut latte. I stopped with coffee last year because I want to remove it completely once I’m trying to have a baby. Today, I still have it once or twice a week. Mmmm, I can’t wait. Bye!

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