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“We bleed so we can imagine and create. We bleed so we can be revived. We bleed so we can be strong. Our blood is nurturing and powering. Our flow is our force.”

I don’t know if I have shared my period stories here and how I been treating my PMS. I’m going to take it briefly, I went natural due to many conditions with contraceptive. I removed tampons for year ago now, and went for organic pads or the cup. It was actually my boyfriend who made me stop with tampons after reading something about them. It was a very good advice about my period health coming from a man. He he.

At the moment or this year I thought of having a pause with the cup and go for pads for sometime. Just to give myself a break.

Well, I went for this brand for sanitary pads to have at home ready (I did order some reusable ones but where are they?). I used a few when I got my period and they were good, sustainable and they felt comfortable. I choose the one for night, crazy flow just in case.

The reason why I went for this brand was mainly because it is from Finland. I trust Scandinavian brands a lot. Also because the life style is more sustainable and we do think about the earth a bit more than others I would like to think yes). I say, we have been recycling for decades and I don’t understand why the UK aren’t putting more recycle banks all over the UK.

I research the brands before I purchase anything, I don’t want to support a brand who is the opposite of what I preach in terms of sustainability.

If you are going for better quality, go for these. Or at least always research and if you haven’t yet: make a conscious choice and choose organic. Good quality organic, not just any.

Check their website http://www.wolva.com – I just love the name.

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