Some people live their Karma!

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Hello everyone and thank you for still sending me love. I have had some of you messaging me and asking when I’m back. Well, I want to keep this going but I have been on my own bubble. My own healing bubble, my own focus on me bubble. My 2021 started so bad health wise and I force myself to change so much with my food. Creating a better version of myself, just by doing that my whole cycle is great now. 28 days cycle, period come on the exact day and I didn’t experience major PMS symptoms. Thumbs up.

Basically doing everything to just not suffer anymore, and yes I do cheat but with things my belly can digest. Certain foods that are super unhealthy, I can eat digest comparing to some healthy ones. This is my unique system – sometimes sensitive.

Anyhow, how are we? How is life? How are my views on some people? Wanna hear? Ok, lets. I know YOU are very interested in knowing, get a sneak peak. I don’t like to throw anyone into the ditch, and I don’t like to wish anyone harm. All I have to say is, some people live their karma in this present moment. I get angry sometimes and I do wonder why people can be so stupid. Although, why wish people harm when you know that WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND. Enough said with that.

Apart from just letting people live their own karma, life is good. Life with me, myself and I is AMAZING. Body is good and mind is good.

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