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Himalayan Salt Lamp

Winter is here and I love the way my Himalayan lamp lights up the room in the most cosiest way. Perfect. I bough my lamp through amazing for a couple of years ago and it is my winter lamp for sure. It is made of hundred percent Himalayan salt and have many benefits to your

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Should be only for yourself, and should not be compared with the rest of the world. If you accomplish something, you aren’t better than anybody else you are just better than your old self. Don’t compete with anyone, apart from yourself. Set goals YOU want and not what the media highlights from everybody else. Also,

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Yoga is more than just a pose and Buddha bowl and trendy. The reason why I started with yoga was mainly to be more flexible. I remember when I first started 2013 and I loved it. It gave me a boost of life, I felt stimulated and alive. I did it only at home following

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