Today’s fit

In love with my new trousers. I love the shape and the pattern. Everything.

They are comfortable and can be worn with heels. These pair are for work, I need to buy more work outfits – less slutty I mean haha.

Top from Zara and trousers from boohoo.


I’m a stingy cow when it comes to clothing but it is my birthday month so; why not. I got myself this dress from Zara. I did not know or realised how much animal print clothing I have. So much, I think I have two scarfs alone and then it comes more.

This dress is just too beaut. I can wait to wear it when it is warmer. Even though I matched the dress with white trainers.

I add a belt to add something extra, otherwise it would just be plain. The belt is old old from Monki, 10 years ago. But it has been with me for that long.

New shoes

If there is something I don’t spent much money on, it is materialistic stuff. I’m cheap with shopping, like proper cheap. I spend money on food and going out on dates. And coffee, unfortunately.

I bought these pair for £45 on sale at JD Sports. Is it just me but is even £45 too much? I just casually wait for expensive shoes to be bought as present. Birthday next week, Trainers babe? Hahaha

I actually like them, or was it the price that made them more attractive? Hahaha, when everything is nicer when the price is cheap.

I wonder when I buy the next pair? The only trainers that I have ever wanted: Balenciaga. Although, as cheap as I’m with shoes and clothing…. hmmm might have to be a birthday present lol. Omg high demands. Poor Craig.


Critine: The light maker.

The love I have for these pair of earrings is immense. I mean: gold and citrine crystal? Want them!

Another citrine pair. These are my favorite. Summer with a white dress and golden heeled sandals? haha I don’t know.

These are very simple but I love the color of the crystal.

Truth is, I have tooo many earrings already. I love the hunting days for unique ear-rings rather physical hunting rather than online. I more picky with jewelry than clothes.

I found these on

MONDAY LIST | 15th of October

Jumpsuit from Newlook, Sandals from Birkenstock, and shirt from Zara.

Here is my Monday list, I need to start more often with it. Reminds me of the goof, the must and what to think about.

Here is this week’s mantra, affirmation, dreams and goal:

This week’s mantra –” You don’t know what the future will bring.  So your best strategy for living is to make the best and most positive use of the present”. I can worry too much about the future even though I’m trying hard to stay present. So this mantra is one of my favorite.

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Bikini from Romwe, Belt from Monki and ear rings from Marks&Spencer.

This week’s affirmation –” I feel joy and contentment at this moment right now.” I often forget about the good things in life, my personal achievements and things to be happy about. This affirmations reminds me of the good daily.

Bikini from Amazon?, Craig’s shorts underarmour and Shirt from Tommy Hilfiger.

This week’s goal – Balance. I want to maintain balance in my life this week, do not let others affect me too much. Be happy and content but be real. And finish my book: the subtle art of not giving a f*ck.

This week’s dream – Road trip in Central America. This is one of my goals, which I’m saving to do before next year ends.

This week’s vision – Going back to my weekly dream. I really want to do this trip and spend 4 weeks away. I want to just go back to my roots, enjoy my culture and get so much of it. I see myself traveling to Guatemala first actually. Oh can’t wait!

This week’s focus – Stay focused on your self-care routines. I need to focus more time on myself, go back to my yoga and just stop feeling as stressed.

This week’s event – I’m going a three days exercise week this week, including yoga and some weights. Spending time with my love and then leaving on Friday for Sweden.

Lesson from last week – Mind you! Do as good as you can in life. Be mindful of your own peace and filter what is good and what isn’t.

This week’s luxury – Cook a nice dinner I would say is my week’s luxury happening. Seriously, I haven’t cook properly in weeks. It’s time to give myself some healthy options.

This week’s inspiration – I need to give this generations mothers a big shout out. I have always been scared to not be able to provide my kids what my parents gave me because of the situation in the world today. Although, I have seen young females having two kids, my best friend has three girls and they make life move forward. I have slowly let go of the horrible thoughts of the fear of having kids and not being prepared. Yes peeps, I’m so ready to be a mom soon.