HAPPY TUESDAY | London pics.

Happy Tuesday beauty-souls.
I wasn’t really keen on waking up this morning, I mean I’m never keen on going up early while it’s dark but the sunrise I get to see every morning is amazing.We love watching the sun rise but go up early for that, me? No, although work forces me and I like it.
My mood on Tuesday are usually very good, I’m grateful and positive for life.

I have for a few months been taking the same route to work, in order to get that extra 40 mins walk every day. I don’t do gym as much but I do yoga much more so walk is good addition.
And while walking to work every morning I have been taking pictures of London’s sky line, and it’s lovely and incredible to think that I live in one of the world’s most known cities.
At the same time that I need to let you know that I’m not a massive lover for the big cities and pollution, I rather live outside and still have the city nearby.

So here are some pictures I have been taking lately, not every day because I’m usually rushing through all the tourist. Yes, tourist people they do go up early than me and annoy every person on this earth. I promise you guys who don’t live in London, we have MASSIVE rush hour(s) during mornings and evenings. You don’t get a sit, or sometimes even get on the train. Tubes, you need to queue in order to get in, so you kinda need to allow yourself two hours travel even though your journey only takes 30 minutes. Yaay, still love this city. 

Some days are a bit different but it does make me happy while walking regardless how slow it goes. The colors of the sky, the water reflecting, the cold air, the smell of almonds. Yeah, so basically I do love London so much and I love taking pictures of sunrise/sunset all the time. I need to clear my phone really! 


Ok, not true but we are now 30 years old both of us. Last weekend Craig and I jumped on the late night flight to Stockholm to visit my family quickly and also celebrate Denise birthday. A nice group of people from London came to celebrate her, including us obvs. 
It was really fun and I met old friends from before, and people I haven’t spoken to since I left Sweden. It was also nice to be at home for a moment and see my parents. It is so quite now that our dog is gone, and it does hurt still. 

So I took a few pictures and I also take pictures with the HUJI app I love. It is the best when it comes to parties because all the pictures are either blurry or get this funny nice filter. I use it all the time. 

So pictures now,

Denise and I have known each other for many years now. Although we started a solid friendship when she moved to London for 3 years ago. Our boyfriends are friends now as well. 
Three sweds. Me Denise & Gladys! 
My boyfriend. 
And this happened a lot. 
Our DJ that played the music EVERYone wanted to hear. And I have not seen him for years. 
I dont know why I keep on calling DangermouseDenise for Dangerousmouse? Anyhow, she had baked some sweets. Unfortunately my belly was more keen on the savory food. 
I was wearing like a proper glam outfit and came to Denise and saw people being dressed very casual. So I put on my jumper again. And this gal next to me, her name is Maria, coming from the same country as me and not only that, same CITY IS MY MOTHER. The city I was born in. Ahh, it was just crazy because I have not met anyone in Europe apart from my family with similar background as me.
A cake I wish I had tried, it looked so good. People said it was good. 
Chicks. 🙂
Unclear photo. Craig, Sanna and Dami. 
Denise was trying to be the DJ. 
Nice place to be in. 
Dami keeps his love next to his heart. Denise and Dami, they are a couple. 
Bromance between Nick and Craig. 
Happy birthday love! 
We stayed at Denise’s house, woke up watch the amazing fight between Wilder and Fury. Epic. Then slept again and Denise drove us to my parents. Now that my parents live south it is so easy to get to places, much quicker. 
My outfit was approved but not my face. Wearing my lovely faux fur from River Island, flare tights from PrettyLittleThing, gloves that I bought from Primark, and shoes from Beshka. 

That was all from me, or from that day. 
I will post more later and more things. To be completely honest I have not done much lately or things that are really worth mention. 

Enjoy this love Wednesday.


L’Antica Trattoria | last night in Sorrento

On our last night in Italy, I picked up the place where to eat. L’Anticca Trattoria in Sorrento and it was nice place, tiny, very sweet and EXCELLENT customer service. I know customer service as I have worked in the field for years, I always value good service. We dressed up and drank some red wine before we headed to this tiny little place.

2018-10-06 22:19:48.100
They serve a complimentary start followed by EH, ricotta and some nice sauce and prosecco. It was lovely.

Both Craig and I went for grilled octopus. I mean, we love sea food! The octopus was so soft and GOSH. Too good.

2018-10-06 22:40:25.8902018-10-06 22:52:42.151
This is Craig’s lemon sauce spaghetti with prawns in a lemon shell. This was too good to be true and AMAZING. Have in mind that when I just met Craig he hated saucy food and I couldn’t stop making saucy food because firstly: I grow up in Sweden and was born in Ecuador so SAAAUCE!
2018-10-06 23:25:00.308
A glass of wine for 16 euros. Why not!
2018-10-06 23:16:56.273
By this point we were feeling sick but the lobster was MAGICAL as well. Gosh, too good.

2018-10-06 23:33:20.841We got complimentary desert and this one on the picture I chose. Coconut gelato with fruits and white chocolate. ok ok, by this point I wanted to throw up because I was FUULLL!

If you are in Sorrento, please visit this place. The service is on point, they make sure you had a good experience. The food is pricey but worth every pence.

L’Attica Trattoria Sorrento 
Via Padre Reginaldo Giuliani, 33,
80067 Sorrento NA, Italy


MONDAY LIST | 15th of October

Jumpsuit from Newlook, Sandals from Birkenstock, and shirt from Zara.

Here is my Monday list, I need to start more often with it. Reminds me of the goof, the must and what to think about.

Here is this week’s mantra, affirmation, dreams and goal:

This week’s mantra –” You don’t know what the future will bring.  So your best strategy for living is to make the best and most positive use of the present”. I can worry too much about the future even though I’m trying hard to stay present. So this mantra is one of my favorite.

Processed with VSCO with fp8 preset
Bikini from Romwe, Belt from Monki and ear rings from Marks&Spencer.

This week’s affirmation –” I feel joy and contentment at this moment right now.” I often forget about the good things in life, my personal achievements and things to be happy about. This affirmations reminds me of the good daily.

Bikini from Amazon?, Craig’s shorts underarmour and Shirt from Tommy Hilfiger.

This week’s goal – Balance. I want to maintain balance in my life this week, do not let others affect me too much. Be happy and content but be real. And finish my book: the subtle art of not giving a f*ck.

This week’s dream – Road trip in Central America. This is one of my goals, which I’m saving to do before next year ends.

This week’s vision – Going back to my weekly dream. I really want to do this trip and spend 4 weeks away. I want to just go back to my roots, enjoy my culture and get so much of it. I see myself traveling to Guatemala first actually. Oh can’t wait!

This week’s focus – Stay focused on your self-care routines. I need to focus more time on myself, go back to my yoga and just stop feeling as stressed.

This week’s event – I’m going a three days exercise week this week, including yoga and some weights. Spending time with my love and then leaving on Friday for Sweden.

Lesson from last week – Mind you! Do as good as you can in life. Be mindful of your own peace and filter what is good and what isn’t.

This week’s luxury – Cook a nice dinner I would say is my week’s luxury happening. Seriously, I haven’t cook properly in weeks. It’s time to give myself some healthy options.

This week’s inspiration – I need to give this generations mothers a big shout out. I have always been scared to not be able to provide my kids what my parents gave me because of the situation in the world today. Although, I have seen young females having two kids, my best friend has three girls and they make life move forward. I have slowly let go of the horrible thoughts of the fear of having kids and not being prepared. Yes peeps, I’m so ready to be a mom soon.



Helloo my readers,

I’m forever thankful for you checking in, I have been on holiday for a whole entire week. I turned 30 years old on the 2nd of October, started my holiday on the 1st and went on my trip on the 3rd.

So, how did I celebrate my 30th?
Well, I pampered myself massively. I booked an appointment in a nail salon where I live, did a pedicure and shellac manicure. Felt pretty. Before that, I managed to braid my hair. Packed, cleaned and left everything for this week ready. Food shopping and yeah everything. I like to have things in order, I like to come back to peace and comfortableness.
By midday I met up with my amazing friend Anya for a cheeky birthday celebration. We went to SkyGarden to see the view and have some champagne. So grown up, not really just more expensive life. She spoiled me with some presents and yes Anya is one of the good ones I keep very close forever. Thank you, and yes I will show you guys the perfect present she gave me.

Anyhow, Craig arranged a dinner for me but kept saying that people couldn’t come and that I shouldn’t be disappointed. Honestly, I was very happy that he was putting the effort and the thought of arranging this for me. So until the last minute he kept on saying, oh babes we will go to the canal and be there for a while chilling. I was like: I’m not going to the canal dress like this on my 30th!?!?!?
I wanted food and a warm place to enjoy my birthday.

Anyhow, came into the restaurant and there they were. My loved ones, wishing me happy birthday. I was surprised to my bones, because I honestly thought that only a few will come. It didn’t matter how many, I was please just to celebrate it small or big.

Everyone I have been there for was there, everyone I have put an effort to get to know and have in my life was there. It felt good, very good and beyond amazing. I will tell you more why it felt more special this time in another post. I have so many pictures from my birthday and my holiday to show you. So many things happening as well, so I will have to post every day and start giving some good content.

Keep reading…

…because I now have a computer and I will blog my fingers off.


2018-10-06 17:18:49.678



Planning a trip for your 30th birthday is very very hard. Boyfriend wants to surprise me but he knows how I’m and not so good with surprises. Can I just let go of the control soon? Fussy is the name!

Anyhow, I was thinking of Morocco for 5 days and just relax there at the same time I’m not keen on Morocco as much as I thought. I have chosen Andalucia (still deciding) which is a close to Morocco and possible still warm by the time my birthday is coming.

I haven’t planned which province to visit yet, I’m thinking Seville or Malaga. I just want to enjoy some sun, nice food, some hispano-moorish architecture. Flamengo is a great dance that I would love to experience and watch them all dancing.

I can’t wait. I have said that I just want to be happy for my 30th, and have good people around me and good health. Walk my life journey happy and content, motivated by life and the people around me. I want to feel healthy and strong. So, all of that fancy party isn’t that important any more. Or has it ever been?

Anyway, uploaded some pictures from the internet so you can see what I’m about to enrich my soul with. Nature and freedom.

The older I get, the more I ask for stillness and for myself to be more mindful and live in the present. I guess the priorities and what we like changes with time.