Queen & Slim

I started my weekend with such a great feeling film event at the BFI in South Bank. A few months ago Niat my friend bought us tickets to see the preview for Queen & Slim.

The movie was more than I expected it to be, and yes I cried. I cried because as much as they added some bits that in reality isn’t logical at least not for black people. I still loved the whole movie, cried and felt it. It was funny and it had culture but still a whole load if anxiety because all you think is; what the fuck would I do in that position?

I don’t want to tell too much about the movie because I do think everyone should watch it. It is very good movie and it makes you laugh. Not a typical American movie but it reminds me of Moonlight. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do. The pictures and the artistic way Queen and Slim is filmed. More movies like this, my type of movies.

After the movie we stayed to have a glass of wine and wind down before going home. I had olives like always, I live olives and these ones tasted like feta cheese. Anyway, came home pretty late but it was a good Friday evening.


Today I feel mashed up. Is it the weather or is it the effort I put in the gym? I have lifting heavier, been working very structured and carefully with my gluteus as my left is very week.

I have been watching so many videos on how to have better posture, techniques etc. The worse things is, injures when you are on your pace and doing great at the gym. So what do I do at the gym exactly?

Firstly I warm up as always, my warm up can be different but it always includes chin ups. Everyday, and because lifting your own weight is key – for me at least. I do one day full body and the other days I focus on two parts, abs and arms or abs and legs. Abs is always included as I still want to get stronger core. The stronger core I have the better I perform.

And I also see that the more work I put with my abs, the closer I get to get a nice result.

31 years old and still looking young. Please let me stay like this forever. Or at least let my body stay strong and young for 20-30 more years. I’m asking for a lot.

I’m doing some yoga today as I need to stretch this body in a class. I haven’t been consisten with yoga for a very long time, due to classpass not being active and also the cold. I just wanna go home as soon as finish work and gym is literally just by the station. Harder to miss, but yoga isn’t nearby me at all. Think I’m gonna sign up for Bikram Yoga London in London Bridge and continue with it, more so when the weather is warmer. The worse thing I know is the sweats afterwards, I sweat soooo much and get rid of soo much water that it is ridiculous but the skin is so fresh.

London Bridge is perfect and I still have some credits there I can use. Yes, let’s go back to my routines. I loved the bikram in Clapham, that was is soo nice and the teacher is my favourite.

Another Weekend

How I love to be surrounded by nature, and I’m so lucky to live a bit far out in London. I have a lot of greenery around me and the fact that you can just go for a walk and recharge. Loving it. I was born in a small city and every weekend my nan took us to the country side, which was where my grandparents lived. My nan still lives in the same house, renovated but the same place. Anyhow, as I was born in a small city nearby the jungle. Yes, my soul and body is always in need to be one with nature. Reason why I don’t like man made cities.

On Saturday, Niat and I took ourselves to BoxHill but another side of the park from previous times. It was bliss, it was very cold but so nice to just breath nice air and just walk and talk about life.

I didn’t take many pictures but it is a beautiful place I recommend everyone to have a wonder around.

Lately I have been meditating again everyday, and wow I feel so good. So good that I created another meditation group and yes, I feel like sharing this with every one. I also did some tarot cards with Niat at the park, we sat and did a little bit of meditation and read some cards. I never do myself but I like to do on others, still learning tho. Very basic.

On Sunday, I woke up with a sore throat and was feeling shit. At some point we needed to do some food shopping so that was done, and had some lunch. Took a walk with the dog (we are taking care of a family dog) and sat in the sun. I came home and slept from 2pm to 9pm. I was knackered and tired and exhausted and everything. I haven’t slept like that for some time, I can’t even remember last time I had such a sleep.

After I woke up, I made a major prep for the week. Roasted veg, so it is easier during the week. We only add the protein, but saves us so much time. More structure is needed in my life.

Anyhow, gonna have some dinner now and relax. I made it to the gym and I have another meditation session before bed. Feel at ease. Thank God!

Early Gym – Meditation

I have said for many years, I wish I was a morning person. I have tried to wake up early and do what I need to do early but it hasn’t always been the case – actually mostly never.

Today I started 21 days Meditation, one of my friend invited me to this challenge and I must say – thank you because it did give me life this morning.

Craig leaves very early and I usually leave early to work but not this week. Although I woke up with him and started my 15 mins meditation. The first 5 mins were really difficult because I was yawning like never before. After 5 minutes it all stopped and I felt so energised. The arts of breathing. Once finished with the meditation, I got ready and had my morning coffee and vitamin D. Crucial.

Together with the 21 days mediation, I will also do a whole month challenge for my body. So this is my first day of my conscious fitness journey. I want to see what happens to my body, when I keep a consistent training and eating pattern.

I have been training since the year started and been eating regularly. Regular eating is something that it is not engaged in my life, I forgot to eat or I don’t fancy anything. After certain time during the day I just stop eating, at the moment it is a different story. I’m eating more than enough and I can see my body taking good benefit of it.

I will only see difference by looking at the mirror as I don’t wright myself, I always get so disappointed because it never goes up. I look bigger but the numbers are either the same or lower. So now, as long as I feel good I won’t look at the damn scale.

After during all activities and being all good in the morning, my system has crashed. I’m so tired. I needed another strong coffee after my lunch. My lunch wasn’t heavy at all but I feel like I could just cuddle up right here and sleep. At least I don’t need to visit the gym this evening. Feels good.

I look forward to continue with my discipline and achieve something, for myself. Gym has never been out of the picture since I started, but now I feel more encouraged to be healthier, a morning person and eat more.

Slowly but surely going back to my normal routines but with a better approach.

Glow baby glow

I looked at myself in the mirror yday and wow I looked like a black pale ghost. Honestly, this weather is just boring and not so good for your skin. In that case, I use all oils I can and hydrating creams. So needed.

I don’t use much make up and if I put more than normal that would be maybe doing my eyebrows. I have outgrown too much make up and I honestly don’t like my overly painted face at all – I try to keep it simple and let my skin breath.

I religiously use SPF or cream with spf because hello, it is so needed and we aren’t that young to “afford” to not care. At least I’m not that young, 32 this year already. For goodness sake, allow me to be 30 for a while. It feels like the years are flying faster than when I just turned 25. Wow.

Anyhow, I moisturise my skin often and I need to feel like my skin is glowing all the time. Obsessed.

In order to get that natural base and glow, I use: MAC’s Strobe cream hydrant lumineux combine with Bare Minerals tinted hydrating gel cream.

What I like about these two, it gives my face glow and more “saturation” hahaha. I don’t look as dead and grey.

I only use the strobe cream every day, and not the tinted hydrating gel cream as much unless I may go out. I’m very comfortable not wearing make up and I do enjoy being free.

These two are my all time favorite and do like I nice good quality cream for my face.

They aren’t two expensive, or actually I got them both for over £50 but it is sooo worth it.

Boca Chica London

I know it is veganuary for many but honestly during my ovulation period and a week before my period I dont care. I’m so bad, like I want food from all corners. I can eat sooo much and still be hungry, but it is only during 2 weeks period. Although not for sweets, just for savoury food.

Yesterday I met up with my friend Telana and had like Friday food feast, ate so much and my hormones were just loving everything. We stopped by Boca Chica in Peckham – Rye Wax. Dominican food and it was just like home, home made, ecuadorian food just what I like it. Unfortunately at this point I was FULL, so I just nibbled a few bits here and there.

The food at Boca Chica is gluten free and there are vegan options. I do like the gluten free idea massively.
Above you have PicaPollo, which is: fried chicken dominican style with tostones, avocado and aji sauce. This was actually VERY nice, I only tried a little bit but yes if you like chicken. Go for picapollo.
Tostones or patacones as I call them, green plantain fried and toasted. I love them.

The other dish was Arepass, made of riped plantain and served with slow cooked beef. I tried this, I did like it but I just like plantain as it is. My friend loved it and was very very happy with it. She finished it.

The third little snacks was, Fried fritos. Green Plantain and cassava chips served with avocado and aji sauce. This was lovely actually. LOVELY.

Boca Chica London is run by Vigmar, such a lovely dominican lady. She is the cutest and so warm, happy and smart. The menu is tidy, small and delicious. I recommend it massively, specially if you are in Peckham and waiting for a boogie.

Boca Chica London
Rye Wax
Basement Block A
133 Rye Lane
SE15 4ST

Highly recommend it and it is decent and happy staff.
Peckham is always a vibe.

Bicarbonate of Soda

How many of you use bicarbonate of soda for medical purposes? Well, I do and I have been using bicarbonate of soda for maybe 6 months now I think? For me this is what has made me be reckless with food, I can’t eat gluten because it gives me the baddest indigestion, I get indigestion for many things but I once heard my teacher telling me about bicarbonate of soda. Bicarbonate of Soda is very powerful simple remedy in seconds. It has never failed me, forever loyal.

I use it in two different ways so far, as deodorant as I stopped using chemical deodorant during Jamaica. I came home and started with a homemade deo instead, and it works better but also it cleanses my armpits hahaha sounds really disgusting. At some point in Jamaica I didnt want to use chemical so I stopped completely for two days, omg I was stinky betty + sweaty betty. I needed to do a armpit cleanse hahaha. We all smell, we all sweat, in different parts. My sweat has become SOOO bad lately tho, it is runny and goes through all my jumpers (dont stress me). No but it is ridiculous how my hormones have changed lately, like MAD. Is it me being ready for pregnancy? I have never sweated this much in my whole life, I have always been able to wear many tops and not be worried at all. Today, I need to have paper under my armpits (I know someone that would laugh at this). It is ridiculous. Although, there is nothing wrong with sweating – absolutely NOTHING. I like to be honest and tell you because I think and I know being real also help other people to feel “normal” even though many others would say: it is disgusting. What it is disgusting is their narrow minded opinion.

Anyhow, the other way I use bicarbonate of soda is for my stomach. As I mentioned, I get really bad indigestion of bread – more so ANY bread. Not even sourdough can be my saver, sad but true.

Craig doesn’t believe in it, but I know he will once another person from outside our zones says it. Typical. How I use it for my stomach?
I add maybe a bit more than a cup water in a glass and one teaspoon bicarbonate of soda and mix it. Drink it and VOILA.
It regulates the pH levels in our stomach and some burp, some fart but any trapped air comes out. I know, maybe this is the most weirdest blogpost I will post. I wish more people where open about things, so we can all feel ok on this earth. So many people being ridiculed for normal things. Not good.

Yes, you burp and fart and your stomach feels much better. I use this religiously everytime I feel funny, it is my go to. You could do this maybe up to three times a day if you have a sour stomach but I only do it once, before I go to bed. I don’t want to exceed the intake, so I just do it once a day if needed. I like bicarbonate of soda because it helps with bloating, neutralize stomach acid and relives indigestion after eating.

“Sodium bicarbonate is generally safe and nontoxic. But drinking large amounts of baking soda can bring on a few unwelcome side effects, such as constipation, diarrhea, irritability, vomiting, and muscle spasms.”

I thought it is good to give you the other side of bicarbonate of soda if using too much. I only have one tea spoon a day of needed, but apparently you could repeat it around 3 times a day? Hmm. I think it is all about how bad the acid in your stomach is.

Bicarbonate Of Soda has many benefits and can help relieve many stomach conditions, I mean easy treated ones. Such as:

Freshening the mouth, it neutralizes the odours. I always used to drink sparkling water when I lived in Sweden, as I used to only drink white wine and believe me it is not the nicest breath for people to smell. It helped massively, even my friends started with it because it does wonders.

Exfoliator, it is actually true. It works very good for body and face, it is not too harsh. It removes dirt, grime and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin by neutralizing the skin’s acid barrier.

Detox bath, helps with itching, burning, swelling and have a positive effect on vaginal pH. Bicarbonate Of Soda has been found to have general antifungal affects. When having a bath with bicarbonate of soda, it helps to get rid of toxins and residue. Be mindful to dry properly, moisturize and hydrate.

I just mentioned the things I have been experiencing, there are more things to do with bicarbonate of soda but I don’ have all day.

I recommend an organic Bicarbonate of Soda, you can find bicarbonate of soda EVERYWHERE and it is possible the cheapest quick remedy there is. I take it after my food, maybe 1 hours after but I would say taking it before food could also HELP alot. You choose. Although, like I always say – research before act. This works for me, and I’m studying this at the moment through my school. Which is quite ironic as I have been using this as remedy for some time.

I will continue to post more regular and I’m also open for trials, meaning if you need help with your diet, health and other health related topics. Contact me here and I will try to do my best to help you with your needs. I need people who maybe can’t afford to pay a nutritionist but want help and coaching to change their life. I’m here lovelies.

Sunday – You

Laying in bed and watching YOU. I stopped watching it because it felt sooo creepy and the extend of it.

I stopped watching it and now I’m on it again. It seems alright and I have been watching so many series and documentaries lately. Earlier today I met Lex and went gym, so good to start the gym early and have the rest of the day to just jam.

I just had one of the best toastie of all times. Plant based as I’m doing veganuary or actually I’m just trying to be more healthier. Gain some more weight in a decent way.

I made the toastie with vegan cheese, chopped some red onions and peppers, some slices of tomatoes and for some reason leak? Oh well it tasted divine. I always loved toastie but because it is so unhealthy I haven’t eaten it for many years – now I’m like yessss and specially with a healthy bread. I bought it from Sweden and store it in the freezer. Typical Swedish thing to do, buy bread and store it in the freezer.

Soon as i have energy I’m gonna head to Lex and jam for a bit. We went gym earlier and that felt good, and now I’m keen on doing some tarot cards. Just leaving my things for tomorrow ready in case I end up spending all night there.


Valerian Root – Dormeasan

I have the worse sleep, I don’t sleep well and I can tell how it has been affecting my life in general. Headaches and my nervous system as well. I’m a healthy person but the choices and habits I have at times aren’t. Staying up late, going up early or other things. This time I will try to make better choices and healthier choices for my mind and soul. Starting with my sleep, number one thing I hope to get better.

Valerian root was recommend by a friend on insta and I was like yes please let me try this. Suppose to knock you out but wake you up feeling fresh. Gonna try it today and I will definitely will let you know if my sleep was a beauty.

I will try the valerian root tonight. I will also jump on veganuary. Honestly, only thing I care at this present moment is to have a healthy mind. Balance mind and happy. Please.

Leaving 2019 behind..

..and making better choices 2020.

I found a few good question to ask ourselves at this time.
I don’t know why we need to wait for a new year to start so we can change? It feels silly actually but that is how things are, right?
Anyhow, I will briefly respond myself to these questions below.

What is one small way you can become a better person 2020? For others? For yourself? To be flexible has been my number one goal. I mean, I have passion for so many things but sometimes it is better to be smart by being flexible.

What are you holding onto currently that is no longer serving you? Why are you holding on? What is one small step you can take towards releasing it? Fear. Fear of failing, unfortunately.

Set a goal for 2020 that excites you. Set a goal that scares you. Become more dedicated and less fearful. Saving to a house is another materialistic goal but essential.

What do you want to be a student of 2020? My own life.

Who in your life deserves the biggest thank you for this year? Let them know if you can. There are so many people that are new to my life and they have contributed to so much this year. I wouldn’t come out this year wiser if I didn’t have them for the support.

What can you thank yourself for this year? For listening to myself and accepting the person I’m. For taking care of myself like never before, for creating a stronger bond with myself. For trying to always change to become a better person. For being honest even when it hurts.

What have you outgrown this year? Jealousy or I kinda did that many years ago. This year I stop seeing people as a threat, I don’t care if anyone has better life or does more than me. I’m working on my journey and my healing and that is unique for me. I can’t start comparing something that is so personal. We all get there at the right time. We all get our unique lives we wanna live when the times is right and there. No need to envy anyone.And I have also outgrown the need to always be right – a little bit.

What is an important boundary you’d like to set for 2020? You don’t get my good energy. It is either you are with me or we are not even talking. Easy.

What is a memory this past year that makes you smile just thinking about? All of it. All the good trips we did with our friends. All these small moments with me and Craig at home. The laugh moments with my friends. All of that. I had a great year. And that I hugged my mum like I haven’t done in many years. Small things matters.

As much as I speak very confident about certain things. And as much as I have been happy within myself and try to improve in all ways. Life has been hard – hard to accept. Accept the things I once didn’t care about. I have cried massively lately and try to find answers in myself. My dad died a decade ago and that was a shock. This year, it has been so painful that just writing this makes me cry. I miss him. I miss a person I shared only my young years with. After turning 10, I grew up with my step dad and he did everything he could. He and my mum, they did everything they knew. I can’t blame them. I miss my dad though, being someone little princess, being someones daughter and just be. Digging isn’t always good but I need to heal now from this. It is just weird, it is weird to cry for someone you didn’t “care” about before. Weird to cry and longing for to have your biological dad at your wedding. I guess I just felt forgotten before and now I just feel like a part of me left this earth too early.

I will make things better for the future. And I will continue to be my best friend and do everything that makes me happy. Keep being strong everyone and keep having faith. Life is full of surprises and full of good ones also.

Happy new year.