Hump Day

Is that you summer? Well hello. Beautiful weather this morning and as the other days, I started with yoga in the garden followed by a booty class. It felt good


How are we today? I hope you are feeling good and try to stay grounded. I have been feeling happy and at times bored, and it is constantly but it

Nutrition for Pregnancy

Nope, still not pregnant. And no, we are not trying right now. What I’m doing is, educating myself in areas I think are beneficial for myself. Nutrition for pregnancy is

Coffee Free

I never thought I would say this but I’m ending my 3rd week without coffee. I love coffee, and I know coffee and I wish I had a coffee farm

4th May

Moooonday and I cannot wait to eat food. Lol, I woke up hungry and I dont know why? Maybe because I only had one meal yesterday, wasn’t keen on more.


Hi darlings, Thank you for continuing to read my blog every day. Thank you, I see you. I will just share the quick news, I’m going to VLOG. Yes, silly

Yoga with Adriene

Yesterday I practice yoga twice from Yoga with Adriene’s youtube channel. I beg you go in there, the amount of different yoga classes she has. Wow. I practiced this one


I’m sitting in the living room with a burning throat because I added too much ginger to my juice. I do everything to keep myself healthy because this virus is

Sorting out life.

It has been a quite interesting week so far. From feeling low to high and now I feel more balanced and more grounded. Yesterday and today I have spent with