I’m sitting in the living room with a burning throat because I added too much ginger to my juice. I do everything to keep myself healthy because this virus is

Sorting out life.

It has been a quite interesting week so far. From feeling low to high and now I feel more balanced and more grounded. Yesterday and today I have spent with

Special Fried Rice

I don’t usually follow recipes but one of my friends on Instagram posted how to make special fried rice and I got hooked. I have been making it a few

Them days!

Monday and Tuesday were probably my most annoying days so far, I have been at home now for almost 50 days and I have not seen many people and it

Every Day

Afternoooon. I have been working since this morning and also helped Craig with his masters. Well, I gave my rational opinion about a case – bruv it is HARD but

The things we shouldn’t do.

I have just finished my evening routine, did all the things I do a normal Sunday before Monday. I’m planning on treating Monday like a normal work day. I don’t


Another sunny Sunday. We are having Sunday roast at home and I cannot wait. I have been fasting all day, and just finished a upper body work out. The picture


If you are looking for vegan yogurts and hate coconut, oat based yogurt is beautiful. I found two brands in Sainsbury’s this one, and Activia. I tried to find them

Lion Mane Coffee

As a coffee lover, I’m getting bored of the normal effect of coffee as I just don’t feel it any longer. Not the same way the first year of me