Another sunny Sunday. We are having Sunday roast at home and I cannot wait. I have been fasting all day, and just finished a upper body work out. The picture


If you are looking for vegan yogurts and hate coconut, oat based yogurt is beautiful. I found two brands in Sainsbury’s this one, and Activia. I tried to find them

Lion Mane Coffee

As a coffee lover, I’m getting bored of the normal effect of coffee as I just don’t feel it any longer. Not the same way the first year of me

New Week – Q5

Hi darlings, I started my morning with a 2km run, some body weight workouts in the park and a pistol challenge. The pistol challenge seem to be a hard one

And Easter is Over

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you all had a good day with the people you could be around with, it is not an easy time right now but we make

Another one.

I feel a bit more settle than I have been previously. This week has been good for me, exercise wise. I’m coming back to my normal routine, and this morning

Full Moon Yoga

Just went I was feeling a bit relaxed, the house next door is acting Bob The Builder. Nice. Anyhow, I always have friends asking me about good yoga classes online,

Amazing day.

I am not going to lie, but the days lately have been beautiful. At least the weather is good here in London and we can be in the garden not


Hiii, I have not been so keen on writing anything lately, meanwhile quarantine life is changing and some many new chapters are beginning in our lives. Quite scary but changes.