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I’m sitting here in bed listening to Juls, one of my favorite AfroBeats artist. Gonna post the song I obsessed with atm, I don’t like to listen to sad artist honestly. Not all the time, just when it is REALLY needed. It is just such a lazy day but I have been productive even though

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A child is raped every three minutes…

I don’t know how to start this post as it is very touching and sad. I stand by justice and I dislike unfairness in any type of way. I don’t believe that we women should tolerate more or any bs. Knowing that children are being raped in all different countries, if not in every country.

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OSHUN | The Garage

“OSHUN is an independent Hip-Hop / Soul duo and the sonic manifestation of Afrofuturism. Using digital and acoustic sounds, heavy drums and bass, and ambient harmonic textures, OSHUN connects with the spirit of their ancestors to manifest a sweeter tomorrow for us all. Since the release of their debut mixtape ASASE YAA in 2015, OSHUN

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