Sunday – You

Laying in bed and watching YOU. I stopped watching it because it felt sooo creepy and the extend of it.

I stopped watching it and now I’m on it again. It seems alright and I have been watching so many series and documentaries lately. Earlier today I met Lex and went gym, so good to start the gym early and have the rest of the day to just jam.

I just had one of the best toastie of all times. Plant based as I’m doing veganuary or actually I’m just trying to be more healthier. Gain some more weight in a decent way.

I made the toastie with vegan cheese, chopped some red onions and peppers, some slices of tomatoes and for some reason leak? Oh well it tasted divine. I always loved toastie but because it is so unhealthy I haven’t eaten it for many years – now I’m like yessss and specially with a healthy bread. I bought it from Sweden and store it in the freezer. Typical Swedish thing to do, buy bread and store it in the freezer.

Soon as i have energy I’m gonna head to Lex and jam for a bit. We went gym earlier and that felt good, and now I’m keen on doing some tarot cards. Just leaving my things for tomorrow ready in case I end up spending all night there.


Valerian Root – Dormeasan

I have the worse sleep, I don’t sleep well and I can tell how it has been affecting my life in general. Headaches and my nervous system as well. I’m a healthy person but the choices and habits I have at times aren’t. Staying up late, going up early or other things. This time I will try to make better choices and healthier choices for my mind and soul. Starting with my sleep, number one thing I hope to get better.

Valerian root was recommend by a friend on insta and I was like yes please let me try this. Suppose to knock you out but wake you up feeling fresh. Gonna try it today and I will definitely will let you know if my sleep was a beauty.

I will try the valerian root tonight. I will also jump on veganuary. Honestly, only thing I care at this present moment is to have a healthy mind. Balance mind and happy. Please.

Leaving 2019 behind..

..and making better choices 2020.

I found a few good question to ask ourselves at this time.
I don’t know why we need to wait for a new year to start so we can change? It feels silly actually but that is how things are, right?
Anyhow, I will briefly respond myself to these questions below.

What is one small way you can become a better person 2020? For others? For yourself? To be flexible has been my number one goal. I mean, I have passion for so many things but sometimes it is better to be smart by being flexible.

What are you holding onto currently that is no longer serving you? Why are you holding on? What is one small step you can take towards releasing it? Fear. Fear of failing, unfortunately.

Set a goal for 2020 that excites you. Set a goal that scares you. Become more dedicated and less fearful. Saving to a house is another materialistic goal but essential.

What do you want to be a student of 2020? My own life.

Who in your life deserves the biggest thank you for this year? Let them know if you can. There are so many people that are new to my life and they have contributed to so much this year. I wouldn’t come out this year wiser if I didn’t have them for the support.

What can you thank yourself for this year? For listening to myself and accepting the person I’m. For taking care of myself like never before, for creating a stronger bond with myself. For trying to always change to become a better person. For being honest even when it hurts.

What have you outgrown this year? Jealousy or I kinda did that many years ago. This year I stop seeing people as a threat, I don’t care if anyone has better life or does more than me. I’m working on my journey and my healing and that is unique for me. I can’t start comparing something that is so personal. We all get there at the right time. We all get our unique lives we wanna live when the times is right and there. No need to envy anyone.And I have also outgrown the need to always be right – a little bit.

What is an important boundary you’d like to set for 2020? You don’t get my good energy. It is either you are with me or we are not even talking. Easy.

What is a memory this past year that makes you smile just thinking about? All of it. All the good trips we did with our friends. All these small moments with me and Craig at home. The laugh moments with my friends. All of that. I had a great year. And that I hugged my mum like I haven’t done in many years. Small things matters.

As much as I speak very confident about certain things. And as much as I have been happy within myself and try to improve in all ways. Life has been hard – hard to accept. Accept the things I once didn’t care about. I have cried massively lately and try to find answers in myself. My dad died a decade ago and that was a shock. This year, it has been so painful that just writing this makes me cry. I miss him. I miss a person I shared only my young years with. After turning 10, I grew up with my step dad and he did everything he could. He and my mum, they did everything they knew. I can’t blame them. I miss my dad though, being someone little princess, being someones daughter and just be. Digging isn’t always good but I need to heal now from this. It is just weird, it is weird to cry for someone you didn’t “care” about before. Weird to cry and longing for to have your biological dad at your wedding. I guess I just felt forgotten before and now I just feel like a part of me left this earth too early.

I will make things better for the future. And I will continue to be my best friend and do everything that makes me happy. Keep being strong everyone and keep having faith. Life is full of surprises and full of good ones also.

Happy new year.

Birthday – The Gate

What a lovely weekend it has been. Friday after work I went straight to Alexis for some quick catch up and Saturday we spent it at home or Craig was studying and I was just chilling. Saturday was planned for dinner with the girls, Dionne had a birthday not long ago but she was in Australia so yes went out for dinner Saturday.

The food was delicious and plant based or veggie. I don’t remember the names of the dishes but I’m throwing some pictures.

We had a pre booked table at The Gate, an early dinner as we had the AJ fight to come back to and watch.

I had a look at the dessert before the food. Haha because I don’t consume sugar in sweets often at all. I always look forward to healthy desserts. Even though, even plant based desserts can be too much. Although it was lovely.
This was some aioli sauce with lentils and tomato salsa? Battered brócoli? I cannot remember but it was delicious. Fresh, light and wow.
This was some wild mushroom risotto with some other stuff. It wasn’t bad but it was quite bland and could do with some more salt.
Mango cheese cake.
Brownie with vanilla nice-cream.
The fluffiest tiramisu but it’s was lovely.

Let me continue with saying that the cheesecake was delicious and amazing. The “cream” was extremely fluffy and smooth. Great desserts I must say.

After the dinner we rushed back home and just made it to watch AJ and boy I’m so happy he won because I wouldn’t like to see that loss. I mean, it would kill my ego if that was me. I’m glad he is honest and doesn’t blame others or the judge or anyone for his loss or failure. Teaches us all something, at least if you fail own it and don’t make excuses just make sure next time you are prepared. Hmm today’s thought… 🙂

Why I drink hot water.

Why do we wish away our days so much? It is constant saying: I’m tired – I cant wait to go home – I cant wait for the weekend – I need holiday. I find myself saying these things EVERY day. Is like I’m wishing my life away? Reality is that we all are wrong placed at some point in our lives.

Anyhow I’m dying to tell you something so simple. The benefits of lukewarm water everyday, specially in the mornings.
For some time now, I have been drinking lukewarm water and at first I was like the taste is just hmm. The reason why I did change my habit of always drinking ice cold water was: I got belly aches straight after, I started feeling quite sick, I feel heavier and like my belly was just frozen. And I also found that my body was working harder in order to process down the food. The worse has been drinking a cold coke and being reckless with fried food. Not good.

There are so many benefits when it comes to drinking lukewarm water, preferably with a slice of lemon. I think many of us are already doing this, hopefully but I just want to remind you of the benefits and how good it actually is.

The benefits of drinking lukewarm water:
– Aids digestion. It soothes and activates your digestive tract. Water is as many people say, the lubricant to your gut. It has a connection to weight loss as well.
– Calms central nervous. It calms your nervous system and it is actually very promising in that since. My nervous system has improved a bit since I have been religiously drinking lukewarm water.
– Keeps you hydrated. Lukewarm water is no different to cool water, it still hydrates you. A tip if you find it hard to drink 2 litres a day, have a 750 ML in the morning and another 750 ML in the afternoon, start like that at first.
– Improves circulation. The same way that a hot bath is good for your body’s blood circulation, hot water has a similar effect.

Although it is amazing and very good for your health to drink lukewarm water, be careful so you do not exaggerate and drink too hot water. You can burn your taste buds, and/or damage the tissues in your oesophagus. Be mindful of the temperature, and also have in mind that just drinking lukewarm water wont just heal/cure you. It is just another additional benefits to your daily life, it does help and it is better than ice cold water.

Ps. always use a glass bottle rather than plastic. We don’t want melted plastic in our system.


On Tuesday during my lunch break I booked myself for a stretching. I needed to have some proper stretch with someone that knows more about the body’s anatomy than myself. I booked 15 minutes but you can also choose 25 minutes.

I had a lady and was very happy with her, her name is Tamara and I’m gonna see her again Monday morning before work.

What happens during this session, you get your own “booth” or bed-like area where they have curtains around the bed, so no one can see you.

Whoever your therapist is, the person will talk you through and ask you which areas you want to focus on. You can also go there with a purpose of being more flexible or wanna do a split within certain amount of time, they will guide you and help you.

Flexology is based in Canary Wharf. You can visit them via ClassPass and on your first time you join ClassPass you get £30 pounds (click here) to start with. I find classpass really good, they have different classes, treatments and the wellness classes are great. I have been on 50 classes since I joined, yes forever a loyal customer. I have tried many studios, everything from posh to ok. What I like is that they have added this last year, they have added massage, facials, manicure in some, other unique treatments I have never heard before.

I stretch everyday but this assisted stretching is something I recommend to add to your lifestyle, at least once a week.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Winter is here and I love the way my Himalayan lamp lights up the room in the most cosiest way. Perfect. I bough my lamp through amazing for a couple of years ago and it is my winter lamp for sure. It is made of hundred percent Himalayan salt and have many benefits to your room environment.

A Himalayan salt lamp isn’t as expensive as we may think, around £20-30 or more if you really want to be extra or have the money. Himalayan salt lamps are very heavy, mine is like over 4kg. It is not just any type of lamp, it’s magic haha.

Highly recommend to get yourself one or two or three. You can place them in different corners in the house, create better energy frequencies around your home.

Today’s fit

In love with my new trousers. I love the shape and the pattern. Everything.

They are comfortable and can be worn with heels. These pair are for work, I need to buy more work outfits – less slutty I mean haha.

Top from Zara and trousers from boohoo.

Intermittent Fasting –

Yesterday I shared what I did after my holiday in order to get back to “myself”, that has been intermittent fasting. I do this without planning it but this time I made sure I planned it and was conscious of it. Due to my eating habits in Jamaica, not because they were extreme but I consumed a lot of bread and dairy. Gluten is a no and no for me, dairy works even better but still under the same umbrella. The type of dairy products I consumed were desert, hummingbird (a proper nice alcoholic shake) and butter. I ate plenty of food every day, I don’t snack normally and over there it was just food every where at the resort.

Anyhow, like I have preciously stated, my stomach is extremely sensitive even when it comes to healthy foods. I don’t eat chick peas or overly spicy food. Gluten is something I remove 90% of my time because it gives me the worse indigestion of all times. I should just understand that I should keep my foods clean and stop messing around.

So over to the intermittent fasting, everyone is talking about it and it is now very trendy. I have been doing intermittent fasting on and off since many years back, more so when I moved to London. Intermittent fasting is actually a cheaper way of living, honestly. I will tell you why.

There are various way of intermittent fasting. It all depends on what you can do and what you want to do, and what your purposes are.

There are many ways of doing intermittent fasting, such as 5:2 which includes 500-600 calorie intake only for two days, some fast the whole day and eat a big meal at night. That is some warrior-diet fasting.

– 16:8/18:6 method (14:10 works also). This type of fasting includes not consuming food after 8pm and no breakfast or any food until 12 noon. Some people extend there fasting to 20:4 and only have ONE big healthy meal.
14:10 is usually recommended for females, although females aren’t less stronger it just has to do with us losing blood for a few days every month.
People who are used to eat breakfast EVERY morning find this very hard to get used to it.

You can drink water, coffee (without sugar or milk) and other non-caloric beverages during your fasting. Once your eating window is open, be careful with what food you consume. A few healthy meals are essential in order to take the advantage of the fasting. Many find this way more natural, and easier to adapt themselves to. Myself included.

18:6 or 16:8 intermittent fasting is not for everyone and not everyone has to do it. If you are happy with the way your body feels and everything you are doing, no need for this. Even thought I do think we could benefits from this. I would never suggest this type of procedure to someone who has eating disorders, therefore you have to be careful with what you advice people on. I don’t like when people who haven’t even studied Nutrition properly start willynilly throwing advice. Always say, please research before even trying for your own sake. Intermittent fasting, isn’t just stop eating for 16-18 hours and then eat whatever the body wants. Eating unhealthy will not be beneficial for you at all, the fasting will be wasted in order words. If you want to lose weight, please do not consume unhealthy means during your eating hours.

There is one fasting method that my parents do often, I think I have previously mentioned it. 3 days fasting with non-caloric liquids. The body automatically regenerates itself after 3 days, your cells are being renewed. Again I wont go too much into details of what happens in the body because this is after all not a bio-medicine lecture. This post was more to increase your interest about intermittent fasting.

In regards to my intermittent fasting, I stop eating different times in the evening. Sometimes 5pm, sometimes 6pm, sometimes 8pm and start eating 11.30AM sometimes or 1PM. My fasting period is between 16-18 hours average. I do stop my fasting after 4 days and then go back to normal. I want to gain weight, so intermittent fasting may not be for me at all times. That is why I cut the intermittent fasting in the middle of 4 days doing it. When doing intermittent fasting with the purpose of loosing weight, please do research first what you can eat during your eating window. The best is to keep an healthy “diet” and when it comes to the drinking part. In general, drink lukewarm water as it is more gentle to your stomach. I have for a week now been drinking lukewarm water and as much as I hate it my body is actually loving it. I will explain on another post why lukewarm/hot water is good for you.

I get all my facts by reading and from my senior faster to Step dad, I experience the fasting myself and I make sure I do my research before jumping on any type of “diet”.

These points above are the benefits with intermittent fasting, there are other benefits and greater benefits when you water fast for several days. Fasting has always been in the human history so it is not something we would not be able to master even though it is not recommended for everyone. I will educate myself a little bit more about this. This is basically just a brief post about intermittent fasting.

Send me question or anything that I have missed.

Dunn’s river fall – Ochi

How do I even start how Dunn’s river was? Jamaica has pure beauty and for such a small island, things are almost unreal.

We booked Dunn’s river via the resort, they have a pre designed package deal that includes food, party boat, transfer and Dunn’s river fall. You don’t have to do all these things but we didn’t like to complicate stuff and start researching how AM to get away cheaper. You leave around 9-10 to get to the centre of Ocho Rios, the boat takes you then to Dunn’s river but the beach entrance. Prepare for a climbing session in bikini. We were lucky to have bought water shoes prio, they were huge help.

The party boat was something I didn’t like at first, the idea of being on a boat and drink and it also swings back and forth. Meeeh, I wasn’t keen at all. Once reading the whole excursion itinerary, I was more relieved.

The party boat takes you out to swim and look at the fishes and see the coral reeves at first. I love the sea and all of that but I was ready for the Dunn’s river that looking at the fishes – I did find it a bit boring.

Once arriving to the Dunn’s river my face was like a kids face, Maria 8 years old. Honestly I couldn’t be happier, I was amazed over everything. I was loving nature on another level.

I love beaches, and for me I found them calming and beautiful. It doesn’t really matter what beach, just being near the water and with the forest behind you. Different story. Back in Ecuador that was very common, we often had big mountains behind the beach and that added more beauty.

Above you can see the Dunn’s river and how popular it is. I was like a big kid and had big smile on my face.

After the whole climbing up through the river and taking loads of pictures, it was time to return to the beach and jump on the boat again for more party. We made a stop for some food, obviously jerk chicken. At the restaurant they also had a tiny beach and after the food I couldn’t sit down and rest. I went straight to the beach and was swimming around and minding my own business before heading back to the resort. You will rarely see me swimming in pools but give me nature and I’m the first to jump in.

I must say, I did enjoy this excursion and I could do it again with my kids. They did say the water was cold but for me it was just normal. Helloooo… I lived in Sweden and when I was young; we start swimming in the lake late April. So I’m used to colder waters but this just pure fresh. Loved it.

You can see the boat they use. I don’t even know what these boats are called. Sorry not a boat person.

That was a little bit of that excursion and what we did. I rather not give too much inside outs because you probably want to have a surprise if you go there and not assume.

Later today I will post a post about intermittent fasting by the way, a lot of people were asking me yesterday and why not giving you the right information and share my experience.

Speak soon xxx