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Early Gym – Meditation

I have said for many years, I wish I was a morning person. I have tried to wake up early and do what I need to do early but it hasn’t always been the case – actually mostly never. Today I started 21 days Meditation, one of my friend invited me to this challenge and

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Box Hill

The weekend was extremely calm. Nowadays once a month my friends and I do some sort of ritual together and spend time all Saturday. It is like a recharge – spiritual session. I would love to explain further of what we do and how it goes but the experience is secret. Not secret but I’m

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Yoga is more than just a pose and Buddha bowl and trendy. The reason why I started with yoga was mainly to be more flexible. I remember when I first started 2013 and I loved it. It gave me a boost of life, I felt stimulated and alive. I did it only at home following

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