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What is gua sha? Gua sha is a traditional East Asian and Chinese technique used to invite well-being, circulation and remove stagnant toxin build-up in the body. It is used gently on the skin of the face, and quite aggressively on the skin of the body. Gua means scrape and sha means sand, and this practice has been used for

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I actually don’t know what I’m doing up still, I have had a Monday. Started with work, following with a weight session at the gym before my last set yoga class. For 5 weeks I have been doing yoga in a class to learn more deeply about what yoga actually is. Much more than just

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Marine Collagen | Review

I thought I share this product with you guys. I first bought it because my joints and ligaments have been aching lately, since I had my knee injured the problems have come and come. Oh well not problems but discomfort. I researched first for what I could take apart from calcium, vitamin D and magnesium.

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