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We landed in Montego Bay, after that we took a coach to Ocho Rios where we stayed the whole time. We used Jewel Dunns River Resort – Adults only. It was decent, all we needed and great service. Great food. I’m not fussed, but one thing – HYGINE IS PRIORITY. They provided with good service

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Box Hill

The weekend was extremely calm. Nowadays once a month my friends and I do some sort of ritual together and spend time all Saturday. It is like a recharge – spiritual session. I would love to explain further of what we do and how it goes but the experience is secret. Not secret but I’m

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Ritual food

On Friday late after work, I had an appointment and then left for Dorset. I hired a big house for 12 people and celebrated Callum’s birthday. It was amazing scenery and it felt extremely relaxing. It rained but twice we saw the stars so clearly. We could see everything. It was good to go away

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