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Hello guys, Wow, what a day it has been. Long, very long day. Work started early as always, and then my side business, the thrift-shop was just on point today. I put up my thrift shop on instagram but I realised how hard it has been to sell anything there. I managed to sell on

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Hi darlings, Thank you for continuing to read my blog every day. Thank you, I see you. I will just share the quick news, I’m going to VLOG. Yes, silly I know. So I’m one of many who wish to do it but feel restricted. I love the camera and I’m not gonna sit here

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Sustainable periods – HeyGirls

This January was my first try of my menstrual cup use. If I like it? Well I must say it feels safer than a tampon. I read about it maybe for two years before deciding to jump on this blood bath. Yes, I was scared to accumulate so much blood and not be able to

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