A tired Tuesday but I have had a good day, lots of talk and planning and trying to get life sorted. I have been dreaming so much lately, and there is a specific place in my dream that keeps on coming back? It is very weird I can’t even explain it. Anyhow, I’m not doing gym today and will just food prep. I went yesterday and wow I have been killing my abs, I have a six pack but only to be seen when no food has been around. LOL.

My body needs food, and good food every two hours in order to maintain a good weight. I have been sea-food-vegan-flexi-good lately with my health, I feel leaner but more muscle mass and more toned? How I see myself, you may think I look meeeeh.. but that is none of my biz. The picture above was a week ago I think?

And this picture was yesterday, my abs are defo coming forward. It takes time to build a strong core, honestly. I have been dealing with gym for now 3 years, constant and it is NOW my belly finally feels stronger. I guess, that cliche saying does make sense: practice makes it perfect.

I’m gonna head home now from work, I wont visit the gym today. Some muscles on the back of my knees hurt massively. I did Bikram on Sunday and hard core gym yday, let me rest.

I never know what to write once I open my blog, it is like all these topics and ideas disappear. I have quiet few reader now and I’m so amazed that people visit this basic blog. I will make it more fun, and soon I’m doing something and I think I would love to film it and put it out there. I will see…


Yday Tuesday I booked a hot yoga class. I only like hot yoga, I like the sweat feeling and the body feels more flexible. The teacher was pretty good.

I have been doing a lot of yoga at home everyday and I so surprised that I keeping it up, although yday was the first day in two weeks I did a class. It felt good, and I’m still not as bad and can hold poses. I’m always a bit rusty at first but I guess doing it at home has helped me to keep up.

I do yoga in all different places as I’m using classpass. My favourite is Sadhana in Clapham, Bikram London Bridge is also good but a bit too typical dance class a little bit I guess? They are good though, I love bikram. Easy to get very lean quick as well, if you keep it up. I’m gonna try once a week as I’m a bit lazy lately, I go to the gym and I’m active but I’m just like meh. Anyhow for March I’m gonna change the game a bit. Still doing vegetarian/vegan and I feel good.

My yoga class was at 3tribes in Borough. Very close to London Bridge. Very nice place actually, should have taken some pictures but no was so into my zone afterwards.

Feeling the retrograde by the way? I feel it and I can say that many people are walking on my shoes. And I’m standing here just smiling and trying to not lash out. Don’t get it twisted, I’m still gonna have my say. I’m a person that waits and sees if what you are doing is a piss taking or you are just so unaware of your own behavior? Anyhow, this is how I can be but I miss the days when I’m just a yes man and sometimes don’t even care to care about what I stand for. Don’t be a hypocrite or try not to.


Today I feel mashed up. Is it the weather or is it the effort I put in the gym? I have lifting heavier, been working very structured and carefully with my gluteus as my left is very week.

I have been watching so many videos on how to have better posture, techniques etc. The worse things is, injures when you are on your pace and doing great at the gym. So what do I do at the gym exactly?

Firstly I warm up as always, my warm up can be different but it always includes chin ups. Everyday, and because lifting your own weight is key – for me at least. I do one day full body and the other days I focus on two parts, abs and arms or abs and legs. Abs is always included as I still want to get stronger core. The stronger core I have the better I perform.

And I also see that the more work I put with my abs, the closer I get to get a nice result.

31 years old and still looking young. Please let me stay like this forever. Or at least let my body stay strong and young for 20-30 more years. I’m asking for a lot.

I’m doing some yoga today as I need to stretch this body in a class. I haven’t been consisten with yoga for a very long time, due to classpass not being active and also the cold. I just wanna go home as soon as finish work and gym is literally just by the station. Harder to miss, but yoga isn’t nearby me at all. Think I’m gonna sign up for Bikram Yoga London in London Bridge and continue with it, more so when the weather is warmer. The worse thing I know is the sweats afterwards, I sweat soooo much and get rid of soo much water that it is ridiculous but the skin is so fresh.

London Bridge is perfect and I still have some credits there I can use. Yes, let’s go back to my routines. I loved the bikram in Clapham, that was is soo nice and the teacher is my favourite.

Early Gym – Meditation

I have said for many years, I wish I was a morning person. I have tried to wake up early and do what I need to do early but it hasn’t always been the case – actually mostly never.

Today I started 21 days Meditation, one of my friend invited me to this challenge and I must say – thank you because it did give me life this morning.

Craig leaves very early and I usually leave early to work but not this week. Although I woke up with him and started my 15 mins meditation. The first 5 mins were really difficult because I was yawning like never before. After 5 minutes it all stopped and I felt so energised. The arts of breathing. Once finished with the meditation, I got ready and had my morning coffee and vitamin D. Crucial.

Together with the 21 days mediation, I will also do a whole month challenge for my body. So this is my first day of my conscious fitness journey. I want to see what happens to my body, when I keep a consistent training and eating pattern.

I have been training since the year started and been eating regularly. Regular eating is something that it is not engaged in my life, I forgot to eat or I don’t fancy anything. After certain time during the day I just stop eating, at the moment it is a different story. I’m eating more than enough and I can see my body taking good benefit of it.

I will only see difference by looking at the mirror as I don’t wright myself, I always get so disappointed because it never goes up. I look bigger but the numbers are either the same or lower. So now, as long as I feel good I won’t look at the damn scale.

After during all activities and being all good in the morning, my system has crashed. I’m so tired. I needed another strong coffee after my lunch. My lunch wasn’t heavy at all but I feel like I could just cuddle up right here and sleep. At least I don’t need to visit the gym this evening. Feels good.

I look forward to continue with my discipline and achieve something, for myself. Gym has never been out of the picture since I started, but now I feel more encouraged to be healthier, a morning person and eat more.

Slowly but surely going back to my normal routines but with a better approach.


About to leave work and do my last gym sessions for the year.

Will try to stay healthy and fit before my kids.

ME TIME | Self care

I felt like posing in my bathing suit from Asos.
Ate this delicious food after the gym. It has: Acke, lentil stew, chickpea curry, plantains, black rice, seaweed fritter, mushrooms with onions, salad with avocado and sun-dried tomatoes. This food is just too good, the taste and everything. I mean if I eat this food everyday, oh mama… I’m gonna gain some good decent weight. Day two of being completely vegan. 
This picture is me all over, in terms of: I’ma big night inner.. I love to be indoors and watch TV. Also I live south. 

Wednesday | Happy hump-day!

Wednesday and I cannot wait like every single week for Fridaaaaaay.

What have you been up to guys? I have been taking it quite easy as I have my lady visiting for a long week and felt a little bit sick for only one day? So today I decided to get myself to the gym during lunch and get a weight session in. I miss my weights, my body is craving weights, and my holiday coming soon is saying: GET YOUR ASS TO THE GYM!

Something that I don’t want to feel, is saggy and old for my 30s. Nothing wrong with any looks but I just want to feel the best of the best of myself. Regardless how my body will and looks like, I love my body and should appreciate it more and more.

Today I went to the gym as mention for only 30 minutes.
What I did:
5×3 lunges with smith machine 30kg
5×3 squats with smith machine 30kg
10×3 hip thrust with barbell 25kg

I did some cardio before but the shortest ever. I hate cardio.

After all of that, I did some bench dips, biceps and triceps exercises. Quick tings you know. As I only had 30 minutes to be in and out of the gym.


Anyhow, if I feel more energetic by the time I finish work I think I will go for a rooftop yoga today BUT looking at the weather…I’m not sure.


How does your Wednesday looks like?

Oh shoooot, I actually forgot that I’m going for a tasting today. This is why I hate planning in advance, I forget things. I don’t have in my routine to do things after work (unless is gym or yoga or go home), I’m so needy after evening walks after I have had my dinner and shower (I do them on my own or with Craig). I need them so badly. Do you have a physical less hard activity you have to do every day? Comment and share with me.


What a day, what a day!
I’m not in the best mood today and honestly I feel like screaming to every person that has been an asshole to me. I know that isn’t the answer to all my problems but you know when you just feel angry!

I did not get the best sleep at all, my eyes stings, not even coffee has helped and I feel more restless than ever. Like I just don’t want to be a work because I feel too angry. I’m annoyed and disappointed as well. Anyhow, luckily I have managed to cool down a bit after writing on my journal and just let it go. I cuss people or things or situations on my journal, it has no filter at all. I cuss myself plenty of times as well, I make sure I ask questions to myself and also try to keep it positive.

I have so many thoughts in my head and so many things I want to stop doing, such as drinking coffee. Coffee is not good for me or for anyone when being greedy. I can drink up to 2 cups or large cups of coffee and continue. Without coffee I don’t function or I do, but it gets a little bit harder to deal with people at work.

Apart from not having a good day or be the way I wish I could tackle this Thursday. I had a good class yesterday at 1Rebel in St Mary Axe. It was focus on the lower body and abs. They had created two different “stations”, once where you shape your body and the other was to run. I have not done cardio in a very long time, so it did feel good and I managed to sweat a lot. Came out of the gym all relaxed and I got a nice glow after sweating. Is it only me that feel the detox?



WEDNESDAY | Salty Yoga

Happy hump-day! 

Oh gosh, my body today is in pain. I haven’t trained this “hard” for a couple of weeks, and I went for boxing. It was very good but I can feel it massively today.
Regardless, I’m going for another class but maybe one that is easier and relaxing?

So what is new in life? What is going on with my own life? Well, I’m trying to get my self balanced and back on track. Food and fitness back on track, I would like to say. I also don’t like to rush things, I have seen everyone posting about fitness and how good they feel. I haven’t really forced myself but I have taken inspiration from their motivation (oh lalala rhymes) and what they post on instagram. To be completely honest, I don’t train like the people on my instagram. I have a different approach and different body, like everybody else?

Anyhow, I have been saying that I’m gonna be better with my routines but honestly I cannot be asked to think of the millions things I have to complete and do. Recently I have focus a lot on my relationship and myself, and creating a better atmosphere around me. Sometimes, we have to take one thing at the time and not rush. Not sleep, but not rush.

This picture I took yesterday after my boxing class. It was a lot of abs yesterday and for some reason I get in shape quicker than before. It is not something that I LOOOVE to be slim, I actually want my boobs back but I have enjoyed it and now it is time to get back my body in a better stage.


Tonight I wasn’t going to push my body more but I found this Salty Yoga class for tonight and I’m going.

“Salty Yoga Achieve a heightened breathing potential to improve your body’s resilience and vigor. Salty Yoga combines halo-therapy salt room breathing with positions that boost respiratory system awareness and depth. It will help you discover a more relaxed and responsive state through controlled breathing techniques in the presence of Himalayan salt vapors and its many health benefits.

Salt is a mineral rich in anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammation properties. Since ancient times, salt therapy has been widely-recognized as a means of strengthening the immune system and improving overall health. Although salt baths are more generally known and accepted, salt breathing—or halo-therapy—finds its roots right alongside other forms of ancient salt therapy methods. Salt gives off negative ions, which, when breathed deeply, may help our bodies balance the storm of positive ions we absorb from phones, computers and TVs as well as much of the electrical technology we are exposed to on a daily basis. It could help promote a greater equilibrium in our bodies, as well as keep us stronger, healthier and more resilient to the outside world.”

Reading that, I was sold!
I will try to take pictures and show you how it looks like, meanwhile you can also get a classpass for a month and try all the nice classes. If you want to, here!


















FRIDAY | Triyoga



I woke up feeling a little odd but I will get through the day and have a Good Friday. I should maybe look at the bigger and positive picture of life. Yesterday I went to Triyoga in Shoreditch and attended the Hot Yoga session. Oh lord, I haven’t sweated that much ever. I do sweat a lot when I exercise, I didn’t used to sweat much before but since I have been very active and training a lot.

I have never been to a yoga session by myself, this year has been the first time that I actually take myself to my yoga session and do not feel awkward way. I’m not an expert and I stand sometimes and looking at the other because I can’t hear properly and I always end up in the front of the class or at the back where I can’t see anything properly.

So, the Hot Yoga was one of the best I have tried and I’m going back next week TWICE. I knew yoga was more for me, but gym has always been fun when the motivation has been there. It is good to introduce different exercises/sports to your

There are a few things I don’t like to do on my own, and I always want people to come with me. Reality is though, that sometimes in life you need to learn to be by yourself. I did that before but since I got a boyfriend I have got comfortable having someone there. This year I try to get out of that, be more independent, and create more me time regardless being busy or how the situation looks like. Creating or making time for yourself, your needs is so important.