Another Weekend

How I love to be surrounded by nature, and I’m so lucky to live a bit far out in London. I have a lot of greenery around me and the fact that you can just go for a walk and recharge. Loving it. I was born in a small city and every weekend my nan took us to the country side, which was where my grandparents lived. My nan still lives in the same house, renovated but the same place. Anyhow, as I was born in a small city nearby the jungle. Yes, my soul and body is always in need to be one with nature. Reason why I don’t like man made cities.

On Saturday, Niat and I took ourselves to BoxHill but another side of the park from previous times. It was bliss, it was very cold but so nice to just breath nice air and just walk and talk about life.

I didn’t take many pictures but it is a beautiful place I recommend everyone to have a wonder around.

Lately I have been meditating again everyday, and wow I feel so good. So good that I created another meditation group and yes, I feel like sharing this with every one. I also did some tarot cards with Niat at the park, we sat and did a little bit of meditation and read some cards. I never do myself but I like to do on others, still learning tho. Very basic.

On Sunday, I woke up with a sore throat and was feeling shit. At some point we needed to do some food shopping so that was done, and had some lunch. Took a walk with the dog (we are taking care of a family dog) and sat in the sun. I came home and slept from 2pm to 9pm. I was knackered and tired and exhausted and everything. I haven’t slept like that for some time, I can’t even remember last time I had such a sleep.

After I woke up, I made a major prep for the week. Roasted veg, so it is easier during the week. We only add the protein, but saves us so much time. More structure is needed in my life.

Anyhow, gonna have some dinner now and relax. I made it to the gym and I have another meditation session before bed. Feel at ease. Thank God!

Wednesday | Happy hump-day!

Wednesday and I cannot wait like every single week for Fridaaaaaay.

What have you been up to guys? I have been taking it quite easy as I have my lady visiting for a long week and felt a little bit sick for only one day? So today I decided to get myself to the gym during lunch and get a weight session in. I miss my weights, my body is craving weights, and my holiday coming soon is saying: GET YOUR ASS TO THE GYM!

Something that I don’t want to feel, is saggy and old for my 30s. Nothing wrong with any looks but I just want to feel the best of the best of myself. Regardless how my body will and looks like, I love my body and should appreciate it more and more.

Today I went to the gym as mention for only 30 minutes.
What I did:
5×3 lunges with smith machine 30kg
5×3 squats with smith machine 30kg
10×3 hip thrust with barbell 25kg

I did some cardio before but the shortest ever. I hate cardio.

After all of that, I did some bench dips, biceps and triceps exercises. Quick tings you know. As I only had 30 minutes to be in and out of the gym.


Anyhow, if I feel more energetic by the time I finish work I think I will go for a rooftop yoga today BUT looking at the weather…I’m not sure.


How does your Wednesday looks like?

Oh shoooot, I actually forgot that I’m going for a tasting today. This is why I hate planning in advance, I forget things. I don’t have in my routine to do things after work (unless is gym or yoga or go home), I’m so needy after evening walks after I have had my dinner and shower (I do them on my own or with Craig). I need them so badly. Do you have a physical less hard activity you have to do every day? Comment and share with me.