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Yoga with Adriene

Yesterday I practice yoga twice from Yoga with Adriene’s youtube channel. I beg you go in there, the amount of different yoga classes she has. Wow. I practiced this one for my back and I can’t lie, I felt such a relief. I even slept through the whole night without trying to find the perfect

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Lion Mane Coffee

As a coffee lover, I’m getting bored of the normal effect of coffee as I just don’t feel it any longer. Not the same way the first year of me getting into the habit of drinking latte before school. I wanted to share a new nutrition purchase I made this week, Ground Coffee with Lion’s

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What I want to say to the world…

Spend some more time by yourself, close to nature and silence. Be thankful for what you got. Search for answers to your deepest questions. Do your best to treat everyone with respect. Don’t get attached to objects, status, or traditions. All that can be lost. Regard what cannot be lost as the most important: the

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