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Himalayan Salt Lamp

Winter is here and I love the way my Himalayan lamp lights up the room in the most cosiest way. Perfect. I bough my lamp through amazing for a couple of years ago and it is my winter lamp for sure. It is made of hundred percent Himalayan salt and have many benefits to your

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Why is it hard to be nice to your own gender? Is it me or have we females completely lost it? I work in an office with both genders and I rather be more nice to the females than the men, because well you always try to empower and protect what is related to you

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PMS | heal with meditation&mindfulness.

Hi lovelies, Again, need to mention this but I’m forever grateful for you checking in here. All of you. I love to share realness with people around the world. Thank you! And today I will share some good tips I have in order to relieve or maybe heal your PMS. I have mentioned it a

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